Bryan Feldhiser and Timothy Huck

Friends and One Small Step conversation partners Bryan Feldhiser (43) and Timothy "Tim" Huck (46) discuss their backgrounds and how they influenced their current beliefs.

Typical day for people with 9-5 vs entrepreneurship!

We spoke about, what it is like being an entrepreneur; working with eBay e-commerce V.S a typical 9-5!

Dan’s tips for success!

Reed and Dan Cruikshank talk about Dan’s life story and how he has been successful through hard times

Kyle Henson
November 28, 2023 App Interview

Dominic interviews Kyle Henson talking about early life crimes and later life successes.

Marianne Dunklin and Laurie Tidyman-Jones

One Small Step partners Marianne Dunklin (63) and Laurie Tidyman-Jones (69) discuss how their family backgrounds influenced their political beliefs, the role of big business and government, and their differing views regarding why people can or cannot escape poverty in...

Jody Palmer and Thomas Gabriele

One Small Step conversation partners Jody Palmer (82) and Thomas Gabriele (49) spend an hour discussing their perspectives on California, changes in the modern American family, and their relationship to Catholicism.

Ruby Lockhart, Zakiya McAdams-King, and Anthony King

Spouses Anthony King (48) and Zakiya McAdams King (46) share a conversation with friend Ruby Lockhart (75) about their experiences working together at ‘All Day Sunday’ and the impact the store had on them personally and in their community.

Being/becoming an entrepreneur

This interview is about my dad and starting his own businesses

UMD Activation Academy Storytelling

Small town guy raised to be passionate about his community, helps others, and making an in pact on anyone that he can. At a young age, he incorporated entrepreneurship and altruism by helping to mow lawns and show bel snow...

Thanksgiving Listen

Me and my grandfather talked about his life, what he took from his service, and how his upbringing, and the people around him has changed him, and how he has unto them.

Jeryl's Justification

Entrepreneurship comes in many different faces. As I was discovering new moving stories of incredible people and their passion for creation, I found one that spoke to me. Jeryl's Journey, Jeryl is the mastermind that came up with the incredible...

The Journey To Entrepreneurship

This interview features Jessica (30) and James (30). This is a conversation about James taking the leap of faith to quit his full time job and become a full time entrepreneur. James discusses his highs, lows and the amazing decision...

Martha Lutman Brogan and Margaret Sullivan

Martha Lutman Brogan (69) talks with her colleague Margaret Sullivan (47) with whom she worked on the Ives Squared innovation space at the New Haven Free Public Library. They remember the community stakeholders they collaborated with on the project, as...

Andrea Sorenson and Brittany Hansen

Colleagues Brittany Hansen (37) and Andrea Sorenson (48) talk about being co-founders of a language technology company.

Mei Lun Chau and Stephan Lowy

One Small Step partners Mei Lun "Jessica" Chau (50) and Stephan Lowy (64) discuss their personal and professional backgrounds, experiences with travel, and the problems with extreme views in politics.

Kaoutar Nassir and Sarah Padgett

Sarah Padgett interviews her friend Kaoutar Nassir about her journey moving from her childhood home in Tangier to her current home in Madrid, the obstacles she faced along the way, how she connects with herself, and her hopes for the...

Adolph Davis and Jerry Bobb

Brothers Adolph "Ado" Davis [no age given] and Jerry Bobb [no age given] discuss their entrepreneurship. Ado speaks about his work as a musician and Jerry discusses his career as a restauranteur.

Business as Usual

Over 30 years ago, my dad started his own business. Since then, he has worked numerous jobs and owned different businesses. As someone who is interested in entrepreneurship, I ask my dad about his career, and he highlights some of...

Coffee Talk with Cali Coffee

In this interview, we delve into topics pertaining the growth of Cali Coffee and how they have made an environment of joy and happiness for their staff and customers. I, Madison Leon, had the pleasure of sitting down with founders...

Dan Abbotoy and John Weiksnar

Co-founders, Dan Abbotoy (32) and John Weiksnar (54), discuss the creation and future of Venture Herd, a project geared towards supporting the startup and entrepreneurial community in Western New York.

Interview with Richard Murad

My grandfather addressed four questions throughout the interview... he discussed who he drew greatest inspiration from, and learned from the most, his proudest achievement, some regrets he's had, and what advice he would give to future generations.

Entrepreneur meets Nursing
December 12, 2022 App Interview

Entrepreneur and current nursing student, Denise Johnson was my choice of interviewee because of her inspiring story. Her determination to explore and achieve all the things that she wants out of life is beautiful to see. It shows people that...