Voice & Identity Interview

Yosie Martinez speaks to Alexander Rijo-Martinez about the intersection of her cultural background in relation to her experience as a Latin immigrant student in the United States of America.

Reg Kim – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Jaime interviews Reg about growing up in southern California and his experience navigating predominantly Mexican-American and predominantly white schools and how that influences his teaching and conception of vocation.

Starfish project with Caitlin and Julius

For our class project on empathy and working through difference, Julius and Caitlin were paired up to talk about life in high school and their hopes for their futures.

Emmanuel Woolard and Felix Gabriel Lopez

Emmanuel Woolard (29) talks to his partner Felix Gabriel Lopez (31) about being queer and people of color in 2019.

Jewish identity

Growing up as a Jewish kid, and what it was like back then.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview with Momma

We talked about her life in the U.S and just basic questions about how she feels.

Jay, GY, and Alex Discuss Stereotypes

Jay and GY, Intensive English Program students from South Korea, discuss stereotypes with Alex, their Language Partner from the U.S. Stereotypes include ones that foreigners have of Korean people and ones they had before coming to the U.S.

A wonderful Mother

We talked about my mother’s childhood and life as a parent and how she copes with struggles of being a parent

Friend's Life Story – Peru and Venezuela.

Peruvian by ethnicity, Venezuelan by nationality, and now an immigrant in the US we talk about 25 year old Lucero's Peruvian and Venezuelan family and identity.

Growing up Cuban In North Jersey

My father and I discussed the experiences we had growing up in the same home town. We focused on what being Cuban meant to us here and how it is dificult to maintain culture as imigrant families continue to exist...

Joseph Wesolowski and Wendy Wesolowski

Joseph Wesolowski (76) talks with his wife, Wendy Wesolowski (59), about growing up as a street kid in the East Village of New York City, high school, his career in Engineering and adoption of their children.

Racial Identity

this interview was about tims upbringing living in St. louis. also about the changes he would like to see on the Ucm campus and racial events that has happened in warrensburg

“Who am I”

On December 17, 2019 Lennon Miura, interviewed Mirai Miura (sister) about race and identity.

Aiden Hansen’s Interview

I interview my grandma about her ethnic background and what she is most proud of.

Andrew Ahn peer interview

With my mother I asked some questions relating to the topics of her background her identity and her life now

Interview of a native of North carolina mountains

Interview of a native American from spruce pine North Carolina, the interview was conducted by a French student at NC state University

Xavier and Jovita

My family members identity and where she grew up from connects to her story. Food is part of every culture, the ingredients she used for her food is from her culture. Rice is seen as a convenient and cheap dish...

SL Project

Maria E. Dominguez (42) talks about her childhood experiences as a Hispanic in predominantly white communities. The interview also describes how discrimination has affected her identity in society.