Kelly Anderson and Jean Ballantyne Anderson

Kelly Anderson (55) talks with her mother Jean Ballantyne Anderson (86) about her childhood, her parents, and their life as a family together.

Lydia Smith-Osborne and Alexa Smith-Osborne

Alexa Smith-Osborne (68) talks with her youngest daughter, Lydia Smith-Osborne (28) about her experiences as part of the first coed class at UVA, her early career as a social worker, and her perspectives on feminism.

Debbie Smith explains growing up through the feminist movement, and where we are today.

We talked about the feminist movement and America’s relationship with its women. We also delved into personal stories about the feminist movement.

Woman Stereotypes

This interview contained me asking Kira about common stereotypes and assumptions people may have towards women

Sally Y. Conrad and Susan P. Conrad: Courage, Creativity and Commitment – Finding Our Voice

Sally Y. Conrad (79) talks with her daughter, Susan Conrad (48) about finding her voice as a woman and advocate for social change, and the courageous choices she made in her life, including running for public office and serving in...

Listening to Others Assignment

Interviewing my mother on her up bring, feminism, and religion.

My Closest Stranger

Here is where I interviewed one of my closest friends where I discovered many things I didn’t know, even though we have been friends for quite some time. During this interview, we discuss growing up in America as black people...

Caleb Morgan, Corbet Morgan, and Tamara Parker

Tamara M. Parker (48) talks with her sons, Caleb Morgan (27) and Corbet Morgan (24), about their perspective on the #MeToo movement and how it has changed their awareness of sexually harassment and inappropriate behavior.

Listening to Others – Hypermasculinity and Feminism

I interview a friend of 5 years to find out more about his views on the society pressures placed on men and his views on feminism

Discussion highlighting some of the challenges women face in society.

This interview discusses some of the main questions from my informal research on the topic of feminism in today's society.

Is chivalry sexist?

Two friends discuss issues of feminism and chivalry.

Conversation about politics and my mother's life 3:00 to 10:00

Me talking with my mom about her life and the things that were done in it

Keep on keepin' on

Before joining the group Moms Demand Action, my grandmother Beverly was a nurse for over 40 years. I asked her what it was like joining the Moms group and what it was like being a nurse from the 60s to...

Denise Jackson Ford and Renoir Finizio

Long time friends Denise Jackson Ford (54) and Renoir Finizio (74) recall how they met and became friends through a women's group, and share some of their personal beliefs surrounding politics and current events.

Jeff Rosen and Bridgetta Bourne-Firl

Jeff Rosen (53) and Bridgetta Bourne-Firl talk about their involvement in the Deaf President Now (DPN) protest in the late 1980s. Both Jeff and Bridgetta were students at Gallaudet University and student leaders in the DPN movement. They also discuss...

Claudia Jarrells and Susan Jankord

Meeting online for the first time, Claudia Jarrells (43) and Susan Jankord (68), participate in a StoryCorps One Small Step conversation covering culture, religion and feminism.