Discovering Grandma’s history in the Car.

In this interview I asked questions concerning Rachel Pelt’s food related history. Questions about the foods she ate as a child and her thanksgiving traditions. She was also able to give a few stories about a couple of off related...

"There are always people stopping by. It's kind of like an open house."

Thomas and RuiFeng, who are both faculty members at Troy University's international office are an office room apart on usual workdays. In this segment on Thanksgiving week, they sat down together away from the office setting to discuss about their...

Food Traditions

We talked about cultural traditions in our family and FOOD!

How Sources of Thanksgiving Foods Have Changed Over Time.

My father and I discuss how foods eaten at Thanksgiving has changed since he was a kid and where those foods came from.

Language Partners Ethnographic Interview

Miho, Anna, and I discussed our culture’s differences and similarities. Specifically, we talked about the different ways we greet one another and what foods we typically eat. We had fun interviewing each other!

Mary Josephine Konkel

Jerry, Jeff and Marge Konkel talking about their fondest memories of Jo Konkel.

Part Two: Maria speaks of transition, settling into Richmond, and her dreams of bringing more Mexican culture to her adopted city!

Part one of two: Maria sits down with Alison and translator Kaitlyn to talk about family, her move to Richmond, and ways she believes we can incorporate more Mexican culture into the town she has grown to love and appreciate!

CP interviews her aunt about living in different places.

In this interview, made 2019 in flemington, New Jersey. Christina Pastor (14) interviews her aunt. We talk about food, fears, and living in new places. She also talks about what it is like to leave her family and live far...

Steve Rock interviews Phyllis Rock about her childhood Christmas' and food.

Steve Rock interviews his mother Phyllis, who talks about what Christmas was like when she was a little girl. She also speaks about what food was like on the farm she grew up on in Nebraska.

Thomas Martinez and Beverlee Newcomb

Thomas Martinez (61) talks with one of his food service delivery clients, Beverlee Newcomb (73), about his job delivering meals with Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (EOC), how he came to work for them, and the care he takes to do...

COVID-19: Jackie Walther of The Square Meal

Jackie Walther and Jackie Neale talk about some of the unexpected outcomes of the coronavirus global pandemic. Jackie and her husband Dan own a short-order, take-out restaurant called The Square Meal in Oaklyn, NJ and on the heels of discussing...

How food has changed over time

A deep reflection on the impact of food on my Grandfather and how it has changed over his life

HI 360 Interview Assignment

Interview with mother about food and farming over her life.

How joining the military changed a life.

In William’s Interview with Bruce Miller his grandfather on November 26th, discussing similarities and differences growing up in different generations and what it was like joining the war, leaving family behind. Joining the military is definitely a great challenge and...

His Experience in Petaling Street

This is his second time to Petaling Street as a grownup.

Pan-Fried Friendship

As family comes closer, the stories we mention must be told to everyone. In this interview, held in Los Angeles, Cici Tsuo and Oliver España address their numerous moments together as well as Cici’s past, including her father, track coach,...

Dad’s wild adventures

Talking about his childhood adventures and how he overcame those obstacles

A Man Who Loves His Dog

John Mark is my uncle. He has a head injury from a ladder falling on him when he was a carpenter, and he can no longer work due too diablity. He talks about the 6 months spent in jail, and...

Favorite childhood foods and colors

Lea, Ava, and Danielle talk about their favorite foods from childhood and their favorite colors in childhood and now.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen interview with Mrs. Maria A. Matthews

Mrs. Matthews told me about her family’s cultural heritage including interesting stories about her ancestors. She also gave her perspective on immigration.

Catherine Redfern and Timothy Redfern

Catherine Redfern (35) talks to her dad Timothy "Tim" Redfern (67) about his childhood, college experience, going to the Peace Corps and spending time serving in the Philippines, meeting Catherine’s mother and how proud he is to be a parent...

Pesto de Guerrero

In this interview, I listened to one of my friends talk about the most fantastic meal he’s ever eaten.