Children and Music and Advice, Oh my!

My dad talked about growing up and how I acted when I was little. He gave advice about raising children and going back to college. My brother also decided to join in once in a while.

Coach Malik Lindsey

Talked with Coach Malik about being a coach and how he became a coach.

Interview with Coach Robinson

The impact of a coach has on a player. Also the impact a teacher has on a student.

Marketing interview

Pros and cons about the legalization of marijuana

Coach Aiken English Interview

We talked about how it was growing up and his football career.

Mackenzie Fallow and Mason Fallow Interview on the topic of Adolescence (November 29, 2021)

In this Interview, my brother informed me of what his childhood was like in comparison to growing up and becoming an Adolescent. We discussed differences in school, parenting and our peers. I found out a lot of good insight on...

Humans of Everman ft. Chasmon Davis

Chasmon Davis talks about getting kicked off the football team, and why it all happened

Noah Thompson

It was fun and I got to learn more about my interviewee


Talked about his life little bit . An the football program


Andrew goes through the life of a high school student

Emma Guth and her grandfather Terry Rude talk about his childhood and his lifestyle as a teen through the culture.

On December 5, 2018 Emma interviews her grandfather in Greenville, South Carolina about his life as a teenager and how it was influenced by the culture. Terry discusses how he came to know the lord and how his childhood affected...

Earl Bennett talks about life going up in East Brunswick New Jersey

Morgan Dew(13) and Earl Bennett (76) Sat down and talked about life as a child and his childhood. Also about his time in the military during The Vietnam War

Cales Amazing life

I interviewed my brother Cale. He has a pretty amazing life . He has made history and made memories. I love this guy.

Tales from the past

My granddad tells about how things were different when he was a kid compared to now. He also tells some pretty funny stories. At the end the app said that it stopped working so that’s why the end is the...

Jayson Gilkes

My cousin Shawn has many memories. He likes football and enjoyed the presence of my Uncle Tommy, who had passed away months ago.

Logan speaks with his father, Paul, about his experiences playing football and how the sport changed his life.

From the leadership qualities learned to the injuries sustained, the sport of football has changed my father's outlook on life. Here, we discuss the most significant examples of this.