Getting to know Morgan a little better
November 6, 2017 App Interview

Questions to get a closer look into Morgan’s past and future

Iris McDermott’s Interview

I interview myself about someone who's helped me over the course of this year.

Growing as a person

This storyboard is about growing as a person through the eyes of a college student.

My Nextdoor Neighbor From Ukraine

Suzann Rodewald interviews Olga Zapolskyy to discuss her family’s transition to the United States. Friendship begins here.

Interview #4

Natasha tells me about high school

Mikayla Smith Interview
February 4, 2020 App Interview

I interviewed one of my best friends

Nakia 6/92023

a deep conversation with my friend

Interview with Masha.

Cyrus, 12. Masha, 42. No regrets at all, grew up in the former USSR, Mom's family from the USSR, dad's family from Ukraine. Most proud of 2 kids and wanted to be a Russian astronaut.

Georgia’s Interview

Nova Barton interviews her friend Georgia to learn more about her opinions on subjects such as religion, family life, and other topics.

Emmanuel Adebanjo and his dad Isaac Adebanjo talk about the process of Immigration and Change

In this interview, conducted in June 2, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Emmanuel Adebanjo (18) interviews his father Isaac Adebanjo (59) about his journey and lessons learned from Nigeria to America. My dad shares his stories about his childhood, inspirations and...

Interview with My Bestie Jeremiah

A nice conversation after eating Brazilian food with my friend since middle school. He is 19 years old like me, but a few months older. We discussed favorite memories and future goals as well.

The best human I know

How you came to be such a beautiful, amazing, caring person

Storytelling Interview

The interviewees name is Connor, one of my closest friends, he is 26 years old and the topics discussed in this interview are some more in-depth questions regarding who Connor is and how close we are.

Ron McKnight and Cara Aguilera

Ron McKnight (78) talks to Providence staff person Cara Aguilera (61) about growing up post-WWII in Missouri and Chicago, difficult childhood memories and being informally adopted by another couple. Ron also talks about his love of reading and reuniting with...

Jennie Stultz – A former mayor, forever a Gastonian

I interviewed Jennie Stultz, a former mayor of Gastonia. She was born and raised in Gastonia, thus a perfect person to interview. She really captures the "Spirit of Gastonia!"

Interview w/ best friend
November 25, 2018 App Interview

Bella has a lot of great stories, including a family zebra business!