what is your relation ships like with other people. what’s your relationship like me

Where Towers Once Stood

Two beautiful buildings that seemed impossible to be taken down collapsed on September 11, 2001. Aden Strong interviewed his father, Craig Strong, on January 9, 2019 in Los Angeles California. 9/11 was the day two planes were hijacked in New...

John Bratton reflects on the friendships he has made.

John Bratton, resident and owner of a house on South Carolina Ave that is affectionately known as “The Cave,” reflects on some of the friendships he has developed with individuals who have passed through his doors over the past 40...

Dany Rios and Stella Frawley

I interviewed my friend Stella. Who I have known since 4th grade.

Hakfar – Hayarok English speakers: Dan and Yuval

This was very interesting although it didn’t take long I got to know a lot about my friend

Researching in fun, by Ryoma

I interviewed my father at November 23 in my house. I interview my father to ask question about the childhood and other things because we did a activity at I&S.

Asking my friend 5 questions

I was going to do an interview with my mom but I felt my friend was more interesting

Asking a friend 5 questions

I was going to interview my mother but she was at work so I interviewed my friend Alex

Roha’s Story

This interview is about Roha’s struggle being Muslim and her lit in high school

Me and Dad

We talked about Dad and important memories that he has. He gave me wise advice on how to influence others.

Emanuel Pimentel ask his mother about her life when she was younger

My mothers life in Dominican republic was a life that she really enjoyed. She spent most of her life over there and visited many different places. She got to hang out with her friends on the amazing beaches and she...


I inviewed Marshall bond about his future and present plans and he gives very good responses to the questions.


I interviewed Jasmine Blaha today. We talked about her childhood and her life so far.