Sue interview

We talked about family memories, what she wishes for me and her, and how she would like to be remembered, Etc

Memories from My Grandpa’s Past

First I asked my grandfather about his childhood and his upbringing. He talked about the school systems back in Iran, as well as growing up in a family of six. When I asked him about some early memories of school,...

My mothers story

My mother talked about her life and her childhood. After asking her personal questions about her past, she began to shed tears remembering what she lived through to give us everything. Towards the end of the interview, Both of my...

Sharon Cook and Simone Newrohr

Sharon Cook [no age given] interviews her mother, Simone Newrohr (97) about her experience living through World War II in France, meeting her husband, and moving to the United States.

discoveries with my grandma

This interview is on my grandma Linda! I’m Nayeli, i’m 18 years old, and we’re in Tulsa Oklahoma. We talked about her childhood and all the funny stories she has, her children and grandchildren, and we talked about spiritual moments.❤️

Monty and Karen Lunt talk about their love life and relationship together.

In this interview (November 27, 2022) in Leesburg Virginia, Monty Lunt and Karen Lunt talk about their love life and relationship together ever since they met back in 1997. Karen shares stories about what life was like before they had...

The Life of The Berning

Kashton White, a 16 year old from Illinois, interviews Matt Berning, a 53 year old who is his mom’s boyfriend, about his life experiences and his time in the Navy.

Grandma’s memories

Grandma talked about her school life and some memories from when she was little. She also talked about her first job and marriage proposal.

Tom Wiley and Jack Fugitt

Tom Wiley (56) interviews his father-in-law, Jack Fugitt (81), about growing up in rural Missouri, the sense of community he fostered as an insurance manager, and the joy he has brought to those who know him.

Mom with memories

Me, (Mateo, 16) and my mother, (Melissa, 46) talk about her favorite memories with mamaw and papaw

My Great Thanksgiving Listening Interview With My Grandpa

On November 26th, 2023 I Interviewed me grandpa about a lot of different things. The purpose of this interview was to get to know more about the said person, that you didn’t already know. I learned a lot of new...

Interview with my sister

My name is Cing and I’m interviewing my sister. We talked about her growing up, her relationship, and school. She shared her funny stories and good memories.

My Mom and Her’s

Carissa asks her mother, Cinnamon, about her late grandmother and what she meant to her:

Interview with Grandma (Vovo Lu)

My grandma is from Brazil so some aspects of her life, like her childhood are different than most people. I like to hear funny stories about her life growing up to get to know her better and how they impacted...

Interview with bestie

Me (17) is having a interview with Connor Partain (17) over simple things in life such as school or hobbies (ignore the fact I put 16 in my interview my brain decided to go BRRBRBRBRBRB). Two autistic fellows interview for...

Hermit Crab Thief

My Mom (Kelli) who is 50 and myself (Mo) who is 15 discuss the time my mom snuck the class pet Willie the hermit crab into her shirt in attempt to keep it for longer. The hermit crab ended up...