Mahmooda Khalid

This is an interview of our grandmother, Mehmooda Khalid. She has been through a lot in her lifetime including the partition of India and Pakistan.

Maddie Diehl and her Nana

We talked about our family history and my grandmothers life.

Barbara Lengyel

Today I talk with Barbara Lengyel. We talk about different things such as her childhood and life lessons she learned during it. She also explains why she made some of the choices she made and the lives of her ancestors....

Mary Eileen Ward and her grandmother Mary Morgan talk about the different stages of Mary’s life.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Evergreen Park, Illinois, Mary Eileen Ward (16) interviews her grandmother Mary Morgan (83) about her life, from childhood to present day. Mary Morgan talks about childhood traditions, where she met her husband,...

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Jodi Turner answers the questions about the Great Thanksgiving Listen

Mary Davis and Emma Walker

Talking about the life of my grandmother, Mary Davis.

William and Linda Windham talk about childhood life in MS

William Windham (14) and Linda Windham (73) talk about life in mississippi. From Christmas traditions to School activities, life for an average Mississippian is a lot deeper than you think. Linda talks all about her childhood while William talks about...

Final Professional Interview

Hello. My name is Parker Cane. Today I interviewed my grandmother and talked about her childhood, memories and more. Enjoy!

The Life of A Mamaw

This is an interview from my grandmother, Betty Austin. In this interview she talks about her early childhood, her relationship with my grandfather, and about all of her work experiences.

PSY230 Interview

I interviewed my grandmother for an assignment. We talked about her life and happiness.

Great Listen Interview – JT Bowen, P2
November 28, 2017 App Interview

An interview with my friends grandmother about her life.

My Grandma and Me

This is an interview with my Grandmother on Thanksgiving. Thank you Nanny, I love you.

Shiho interviewing her 92 year old Grandmother

In collaboration with Shiho, we have launched the Obaa-chan in the cloud project. She has interviewed her 92 year old Grandmother, her mother and aunt for her children to be able to access “in the cloud” when they share these...

Tell me about your childhood

This is an interview with my grandma Susan. We talked he childhood and her memories over the years. She shared many stories about how her brothers and her doing fun things with their dad. The one story I remember the...

Abby talks to her grandmother about her childhood
November 19, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my grandmother about her childhood and life. I wanted to interview her about her childhood after I saw a cow bell in the kitchen. I asked where it was from and she says that it was on her...

My Grandmother the Star
November 28, 2021 App Interview

Grammy talked about her grandmother and how funny she was. Grammy also talked about how she valued education and kindness. Lastly Grammy talked about people’s she proud of, in particular my mom because my mom helps others.

Life in Gotebo

We talked about my grandmothers life when she was a teenager in gotebo

Thanksgiving with Gann

I interviewed my paternal grandmother about her life including her happiest and most difficult moments as well as what she's both proud of and what she regrets.

Thanksgiving interview 2017

Interviewing my Mawmaw Gloria Boudreaux (age 75) my age-17. We spoke about her childhood, the schooling she went through and her experiences at school in contrast to present day schooling. We also spoke of family traditions such as Cookie Sunday...

David Gonzalez and his grandmother, Irene Osorio have a conversation

Me and my grandmother spoke about her memories about her childhood and her earlier years