James Bishop interview

Avery Bishop, 16, interviews her grandpa James Bishop. Discuss childhood memories, growing up, enjoying career paths. #EDDY2022

Dennis Green and Charles Dyson

One Small Step partners Charles "Charlie" Dyson (80) and Dennis Green (64) discuss their faith, their and judgement and acceptance of people in society and church, and how we can try to heal from the division.

Remembering Grandma

Interviewer, Mark Perkins (70), with wife, Sally Perkins (69), recorded April 24, 2023. Sally shared recollections of her grandmother, Elizabeth Lowery (Blanchard) Seip.

Tracy Duane Haney and Robyn Wind-Tiger

Robyn Wind-Tiger (47) has a conversation with her friend Tracy Haney (55) about the challenges and rewards they have experienced as grandparents, and how things have changed with the pandemic.

Sonya Begay and Kayle Eppele

Sonya Anne Begay (63) is interviewed by her granddaughter Kayle Nanah Eppele (19) about how her family came together, her worries about her family in the Navajo reservation, and the lack of resources for underserved communities and elders.

Nancy shares stories that lead her to a life philosophy of "if now now, when?"

Nancy lives in San Francisco for her everyday life because of the beauty, diversity, and accessibility, but her soul belongs to the cabin in MN that's been in her family for decades. She shares stories on family, values, and planning...

Joe O'Leary and Colleen Pritoni

Joe O'Leary (76) is interviewed by his colleague Colleen Pritoni (45) about how his life changed after the passing away of her son, becoming a grandparent, his involvement with support groups for grandfamilies, and the challenges and positive side of...

Gracie Wong and Jenni Wong

Gracie Virginia Wong (68) is interviewed by her daughter Jenni Wong (43) about her childhood in Cleveland, Ohio, growing up at her parents' laundry, her work history, and becoming a grandmother.

Interviewing my Nana

My Nana (74), talks about her immigration to the mainland U.S. from Guam, as well as her experiences as a mom, grandma, and nurse.