Olla Drane Interview

I chose to interview my best friend and was so grateful to dir didn and talk with her about our relationship and how far we have come.

The life of Born.

A discussion, including a series of questions, was held between my step father and I.

JRN 280 Interview

Quinnipiac sophomore Nick Beaudoin recounts his childhood, and what’s brought him to be the person he is today.

Grandma’s Childhood

The hardships of a distance drunken dad. My great grandad was kinda distance and not around involved in the kids life.

Dad interview

We talked about me growing up.

interview with my mom about alcoholism and growth pt1 (honors college)

we discuss the struggles of dealing with a loved one with alcoholism and wise words to help with healing

Blood of the Coven

Blood is thicker than water is not the full quote. Blood of the covenant (your friends) is thicker than the water of the womb (family). My interview with a witch.

Covid-19 Interview with Cicily :)

This interview talks about how I viewed the world pre-pandemic and how my ideas have changed and evolved since living through a pandemic. It makes me reflect on everything that has happened and how I’ve grown.

Danielle Varner and Paul Pierce

Danielle Patterson Varner (42) interviews her colleague Paul Pierce (68) about his career in the theater industry. They also discuss the importance of community theater as a space for storytelling and identity-building, as well as the legacy of kindness Paul...

The Moving Train

This is an interview for The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018. Myself, Alia Yannone, interview my grandmother, Judy Smith in Brigantine, New Jersey on November 22, 2018. We discuss how my grandma grew up and what she has experienced over her...

A War On Two Fronts

Not long ago, people of color were more heavily mistreated, denied opportunities, and denied respect based on one thing. On November 29th, 2017, 14 year old Jason Ridley interviews his 85 year old grandfather, John Ridley III, about his time...

Interview with Joevi

An interview encapsulating Joevi’s life, his hardships growing up, and his overall growth as a person.

Growing as a person

This storyboard is about growing as a person through the eyes of a college student.

Freddys early life and how it’s changed him.

In this interview Freddy explained what he went through as a kid and how he is now living his life. He sounds very responsible and has a good head on his shoulders.How did your partner react to the interview? I...

Childhood of Erica Wilson

I sat down and talked with Erica Wilson about her childhood.

Progress and Paradox: Our childhoods

My Grandmother and I discuss all of our experiences growing up and how that shaped who we are today

Interview with Dean Sueda
December 1, 2020 App Interview

I interviewed Dean, talking about his experiences with his marriage, his religion, and how his life has changed

My Mother -Longer-

Questions include childhood memories, family, growth, and what it means to be a mom.

Getting to know the beautiful Lisbeth Cruz

Interview with lisbeth and how much I learned about her after this.