Mom and Gray-12/22/2021

My mom, sibling, and I sat down for an interview to talk about things that we had never talked about before.

Childhood of Erica Wilson

I sat down and talked with Erica Wilson about her childhood.

IB Lit Final: Self Interview

There is an interview in which Kevin Arleen answers some questions reflecting on his experiences in high school over the years.

Interview w Ashley

Interviewed Ashley about growth, family, past experiences, and sexuality!

Journey to Now with Nic Denison

Stories about Nic’s upbringing and how he goes through life now.

Jawwad Chowdhury and Samiha Chowdhury

Samiha Chowdhury shared her biggest indifference growing up

Josette Thomas, Lilly Thomas, Christy Hightower, , and

Two sisters, Josette and Lilly Thomas, talk about how they first started attending First Congregational Church in Santa Cruz, California at the ages of five and eight. They share their thoughts and feelings about the church changing its name to...

Growth – Nick & Nate Carter

Two brothers and how they have changed as people from childhood until now.

Children Growing Up
December 11, 2020 App Interview

I interviewed my boyfriend with the intention of learning more about who he is at his core. As he recently turned 20 and is no longer a teenager, and by no means a child, I was interested to know how...

Freddys early life and how it’s changed him.

In this interview Freddy explained what he went through as a kid and how he is now living his life. He sounds very responsible and has a good head on his shoulders.How did your partner react to the interview? I...

Amanda Coltman and James Schuessler

Amanda Coltman (30) interviews her father James Schuessler (57) about the historical events he's witnessed in his lifetime and their relationship.

Days in the Life of Melanie Goodwin

What it means to be a woman today and the most important moments in her life. The feelings behind her accomplishments and what her life looks like.

Advice from a single parent

Hi my name is Angelica Lee Hernandez and I am 22 years old and today I recorded with my mom Sandy Montanez, about advice she would give me and others about being a single parent.

Interview with Dean Sueda
December 1, 2020 App Interview

I interviewed Dean, talking about his experiences with his marriage, his religion, and how his life has changed

Lydia Weiss and Kyle Holsinger-Johnson

Lydia Weiss (33) and Kyle Holsinger-Johnson (36) discuss childhood memories and experiences, identity, love, and navigating life. They talk about their relationship with one another and how it started, as well as their personal growth and proudest moments.

Teresa Wells and Brendan Gerdts

Teresa Wells (65) and her mentee, Brendan Gerdts (21), share a conversation about their friendship, their personal growth, their political views, and their hopes for the future.

Interview with momma

I asked my mom questions about her childhood and about her life

12 year old sister, Valery, Talks about her life.

Little sister speaks of her past experiences as a small child. She speaks of the environment she grew up in and where she was born, giving details on how her community made her feel and such. She also spoke about...

My Mother -Longer-

Questions include childhood memories, family, growth, and what it means to be a mom.

Progress and Paradox: Our childhoods

My Grandmother and I discuss all of our experiences growing up and how that shaped who we are today

says with the gays
June 6, 2022 App Interview

Mady interviews Atlas about growing up and discovering who you are

Rollie Zumbrunn and Don Gathers

[Recorded: Tuesday, August 23, 2022] Rollie (45) and Don (63) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Rollie works for Facilities Management at the University of Virginia, and Don is a deacon who served as the chair of...

Storytelling Assignment
October 22, 2022 App Interview

This was a school assignment for my Speech-1311.905 class. I interviewed my twin sister and got to learn more about her.