That tap Into a Deeper thinking

The interviewee was asked questions about Some modern day topics such as love, racism, and Guns. The Interviewee had to critically think about some life changing decisions that has effected him or can effect the future and the environment around...

Gun control w/ kyler

Two men with clashing opinions on a current issue seek to understand each others perspectives

An Interview About The Use of Guns
September 17, 2018 App Interview

We talked about gun prices and their effect on people’s lives. We also talked about marijuana helping that gun violence.

“The Cycle” by Gael Hinojosa

Cayde risks his life in order to bring a kid to his family.

Vicki Ronn and Steven Carey

One Small Step partners Vicki Ronn (63) and Steven Carey (33) have a conversation comparing their perspectives on gun control. They find they both come from families with very conservative views and they both share some libertarian views.

20 Point Independent Assignment Interview- Gun Control

I sit down with my father to discuss the current issues about gun violence and his opinion on our future with gun control.

Aunt Wanda (sibling number #8)

My Aunt wanda had a few choice words for the tourists flooding Floridas beaches, Governor DeSantis and Donald Trump. When it comes to the virus she refuses to go down without a fight. Aunt Wanda has entered "Walking Dead Mode"...