Hilina Kassa and Cara Aguilera

Hilina talks about racism she has experiences in her work history. Hilina arrived from Ethiopia at age 14. Hilina is a manager for PACE

The 2020 Experience- The Challenges of a COVID Bride and a Healthcare Worker

A personal interview between brother and sister and the mental and emotional challenges that 2020 has posed: cancelled med school graduation, cancelled wedding, starting residency amidst a pandemic, and a whole abundance of emotions throughout.

PRIDE In All Who Served: Reducing Healthcare Disparities for LGBT Veterans

"PRIDE In All Who Served" is a ten-week health education group designed to address the unique care needs of LGBT Veterans. Developed at the Hampton VA in 2016, the group provides a safe place to discuss identity and relevant healthcare...

Melli Vargas and Scott Acord

Melli (54) talks with colleague Scott Acord (59) about her journey into healthcare and the discrimination her bi-racial daughter faces from the community and her family.

Social Issues in Healthcare and Homelessness!

I discussed social injustice within the healthcare field as well as homelessness!

New Country, New Life, Same Person

Muthukumar talks to son Brijesh about his early childhood, the struggles of being an immigrant, and his job, physical therapy. It gets a little of deep at the 5 minute mark.

Golden Golbin

I interview my friend Sam Golbin and we talk about everything from family to pharmacy.

Kenji Oshima, Steve Lew, Prescott Chow, and Michelle Lin

MLin (23) talks to Kenji Oshima (54), Steve Lew (57), and Prescott Chow (age not given) about their community organizing experiences with the Gay Asian Pacific Alliance Community HIV Project (GCHP).

Sarah Gray & Jack Delaney, Blood Transfusion Recipient & Formerly Anonymous Blood Donor "Everyone deserves it."
November 30, -0001 App Interview

Sarah Gray, age 47, (Washington DC) blood transfusion recipient, interviews Jack Delaney (61), one of the 10 anonymous strangers who donated 1 of the units of the blood she received during childbirth in 2010. "I'd like to make a new...

An Interview With My Father

It is Novermber 26, 2018. This interview was conducted in the only quiet place in the house, my bedroom. I, Olivia Jardin, age 17, am the interviewer, and my father, Mark Jardin, age 54, is the interviewee. Some of the...

Untitled Interview

Things about Cbd Oil For Pain Relief – Does It Really Work? - Panacea Life ... OverviewCannabidiol (CBD) is a type of cannabinoid, a chemical found naturally in marijuana (cannabis and hemp) plants. CBD doesn't cause the "high" feeling typically...

Covid-19: Lila Chapman

Jackie Neale talks with her student, Lila Chapman about how she is feeling in the time of the Coronavirus global pandemic. Lila is Jackie's ungrad photography student at the New York Film Academy and upon being given the stay-at-home mandate...

Some Of Cbd Capsules – Top Rated – Cbd Pills – Penguin Cbd

Very light hemp smell. Typical sized capsule (13mm). Populum's fresh, inviting site illustrates the company's approach to making CBD accessible to the masses. The business's line of top quality products are packaged magnificently, and they utilize top-of-the line components in...

Interview with Cindy – a recently graduated medical resident

Carrie interviews her sister, Cindy, about her decision to pursue medicine and her experiences as a healthcare worker for a month in Kenya. Cindy also details her thoughts on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our healthcare system.

Interview with Lisa Scibetta Allen

Interview with nurse practitioner about healthcare and her career

Healthcare in the United States & Around the World

Parallels between healthcare in the United States, Lebanon, and Canada. The need for Medicare for All and why so many Americans are afraid of that proposal.

Henry Bowman and Monika Bowman

Henry Bowman (72) and his spouse, Monika Bowman (70), talk about the day Henry was taken to the hospital and the importance of community-owned hospitals in rural healthcare.