Getting to know the makeup of mom’s identity

I thought of things that are relevant to the makeup of my personality and I didn’t know too much about my mom from when she was younger then asked her about them so I could make up my own comparisons...

New Media Project Interview

Susan was here to talk about how the coronavirus has been affecting her in terms of communications and media.

Interview with my grandmother, Grammy.

Today is November 23, 2017 in Andover, Minnesota. I am Lindsey Green, my grandmother is Nancy Falls I start off with asking my grandmother questions about what she is grateful for, and about her childhood. She shares so many interesting...

Aidan Matthews and his friend Alena not talk about growing up in New Jersey.

In this interview conducted November 2017 at Biotechnology High School Aidan Matthews (15) interviews his friend Alena Nag (14) about her childhood and life experiences. Alena shares her family lineage and her experiences growing up as well as the events...

Two sisters, Kassidy and Kaylee Brown, talk about growing up together.

In this interview, conducted November 27, 2017, in Massillon, Ohio, Kaylee Brown (14) interviews her younger sister Kassidy Brown (8) about her childhood. Kassidy talks about the relationship between their family and how she feels about her sisters. She also...

Getting To Know My Mom

This Interveiw was about getting to know my mom we talk about her success in life while she does her favorite thing to do which is hair as she continue on with her interview she enforces me to look after...

My Interview with, “Grandma Marsha”

My grandmother and I sit down and have a conversation about her life. Details about the interview touch on topics such as her childhood, political views and observations about the changes she’s observed in modern day times. She opens up...

interview with Nelly

I interviewed Nelly and I found out so many thing about Nelly and things she likes to do for fun time and her hobbies.

Life of a teenager in DCDS Middle School

A typical teenager’s life in middle school with hobbies, sports, religion, and a view on his future

Interview with My brother
November 28, 2021 App Interview

Different aspects of his life and thoughts

My sisters

I interviewed my sisters on how their lives are during covid, and some personal questions as well.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Jessica talked about her childhood and some of her favorite things to do


dianne talked about life in school and outside of school. Things she wants to do.

Kathy Shepard and Alanna Shepard

Mother and daughter duo, Kathy Shepard [no age given] and Alanna Shepard [no age given], recall some of their interesting family history, the travels they've completed together and a few of Alanna's favorite things.

The Great Thanksgiving listen of Juan Orozco

We mostly talked about ny dads life and how he lived through it. We also talked a little about how he is now and his current life.

Ava Lambie asks her Nana questions about her life.

In this interview, conducted in November 2023, in Welches, Oregon, Ava Lambie interviews her nana about her life. She explains how she grew up in York, Pennsylvania as the youngest sibling. She talks about what she liked to do as...

High school

We just talked about their high school life I really wanted to see how high school now differs from high school when they attended

Practice Interview With Sreeman Charabudi

Sreeman talks to me about some of his fondest passions. From this I learn what Sreeman enjoys and how his oppinnions have changed over time.

Recording – 08-22-2023 12:22:31

Alyssa is a peer in most of my classes since sophomore year, and I’d consider her an Aqua instance before the video. This interview helped understand more of her interests, morals, and mindset.


In this interview, my grandma Pat Allen talks about her childhood. She explains how different it was back then and how her life has changed. She has had so many interesting experiences in her life. I learned so much more...