“Millennials are Sissies”

Chuck is answering a few questions about his time in the Army and what it was like for him.

Interview with my roommate Emma!

Emma shares her story of her friend Natalie and how she was honored

Jennie Stultz – A former mayor, forever a Gastonian

I interviewed Jennie Stultz, a former mayor of Gastonia. She was born and raised in Gastonia, thus a perfect person to interview. She really captures the "Spirit of Gastonia!"

History Interview Project

We talked about hat my family was like and how they contributed to the world. But we mainly talked about the way to be successful in not just work but in life.

Liz Kachris-Jones and Peter Kachris

Liz Kachris-Jones (59) shares a conversation with her father, Peter Kachris (86), about his childhood, his parents, and his career. Peter also talks about both of his parents passing away when he was a child and about the woman who...

Michelle Geter

Michelle Geter (52) honors 11 military veterans whose names are not featured on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' National Cemetery Administration website. Additionally, Michelle discusses the importance of recognizing people who have served in the military.

To: The Future. From: Gampas (Grandpa) and Alex, with love.

Making history by spending time with and gaining wisdom from my Grandpa around Thanksgiving, a time to be grateful for all the good things and people.

Ben Iungerich

My name is Jack Warren, and I am a 38 year old Commercial Photography student. I interviewed Ben Iungerich, 21 years old, on the 17th of March, 2023. I met Ben for the interview and to make an environmental portrait...

Nancy Fisher and Jill Sharfstein

Jill Sharfstein (72) interviews friend and fellow congregant Nancy Fisher (77) about her experiences as a member of Central Synagogue and her work interviewing Holocaust survivors for the Shoah Foundation.

Family Chat With Gram

In this interview Skylar High(16) and her grandmother, Susan High(82), discuss honorability, love, and always trusting yourself. Even in difficult time it is imperative to hold on to hope and even in bleak times there are still kind people in...