I interviewed a family friend

On November 30th 2019, Frederick Douglass Mccuiston the 4th inviewed Mr. Ed. @20:14. During the interview, Frederick Douglass McCuiston the 4th learned that he had alot in common with Mr.Ed. They both had the same hobbies and both played the...

Justin Blake and Jay Pagano

Justin Blake (50) interviews his friend Jay Pagano (76) about how the HIV/AIDS epidemic developed on Fire Island. Jay describes how the disease moved from something he read about to something that touched his life. He talks about the loved...

Steve Clem and Mitch Clem

Brothers Steve Clem (68) and Mitch Clem (58) talk about their childhood, family genealogy, and Steve's career in radio broadcasting.

Dario Morell and Dario Morell

Dario Morell (57) talks with son Dario Gabriel Morell “Gabriel” (20) about coming to the U.S. at the age of ten, and their visit to Cuba 47 years later to meet long-lost family.

Jean O'Sullivan and Joseph Delaney

One Small Step conversation partners Joseph "Dennis" Delaney (84) and Jean O'Sullivan (76) connected and reminisced about days past in the Vermont Legislature. They talked about childcare, taxes, education and the Build Back Better plan.

Colleen’s interview

On November 23, 2017, Grace Burnette interviewed her mother named Colleen. In this interview they talked about work and society as a whole. They also talked about technology and the olden days. In doing this Grace learns more about her...

Interview with Jenny Trask – a tale of migration

Interview with my Mom about our big cross country move. We talk about the good, the bad and all the love in between.

Betty Sampler and Cindy Horstman

Cindy Horstman [no age given] interviews her mother, Betty Sampler (99), about her childhood, family and career as a musician and music teacher.

Marriage, Family and Living in a Streetcar

Diane and Ted Sweet have lived on Orchard Lane in Battle Creek, MI for, almost, their entire 68 year marriage. Their grandkids sat down with them to get the nitty gritty on the history of the street and on living...