The Life of Farideh Ezmailzadeh

We talked about my grandmas family and her thoughts about her childhood, religion, and life in general.

Interview with Muhammad Samii 11/23/17

An interview with my grandfather who immigrated to America from Iran.


Naz tells her story

Fafa’s Story

Fafa’s story of her growing up and how she met Uncle Nader

Long Journey: From Iranian Revolution to current affairs in America

I interviewed my father and mother and asked them about their personal experience and opinion on the past and current political events in Iran.

The life of Fereshteh “Gigi” Sadrieh UNCUT

Nadia Massoumi (15) talks with her grandmother, "Gigi" Sadrieh (77), about her childhood, college life, and family history.

Thomas Martin and Helen Martin

Thomas Martin (75) speaks with his wife Helen Martin (73) about their experiences in Tehran before and during the Iranian Revolution, his escape, and his perspective on the hostage crisis including reasons for the taking of the U.S. Embassy in...

6,000 Miles to Freedom

It took about 2 years and 6,000 miles to experience any form of freedom for the first time. On January 5, 2020, 15 year old Kian Salehi asks his mother, Nini Salehi, about her journey to America and the challenges...

Iran Women's Rights Interview

Lida Shamonzadeh (57) was interviewed by daughter Simona Sargizian (18) about the past and current state of Iran regarding women's rights in Iran.

Mehdi Ziabakhsh

I, Colin Ziabakhsh (18) interviewed my father Mehdi Ziabakhsh (58) about his experience of moving from Iran to the United States by himself when he was 16.

Stop Iran

“I would see stop signs and below the word stop it would say Iran”. On 1/6/19, in Los Angeles, Ani Adell interviewed her mom, Megan Adell, about her leaving her home in Iran and coming to America, and how being...

Interview of Baba and Iran

Recording interview of an Imigrant

The life of Fereshteh "Gigi" Sadrieh

Nadia Massoumi (15) talks with her grandmother, "Gigi" Sadrieh (77), about her childhood, college life, and family history.

Donya Zanjani and Farah Zanjani talk about what is it like growing up in Iran.

In this interview, conducted in April 2023 in Anaheim, California, Donya Zanjani (20) interviews her mom and Farah Zanjani (63) about her childhood in Iran. She also talks about her struggles with her arranged marriage and gives advice on motherhood,...

Interview with my Grandfather Edward

This is an interview with my grandfather about his incredible journey from Iran to the United States.

The American Dream we Take for Granted

In the 1980’s Iran was in the middle of a revolution and Persian Jews were looking for political asylum. In this interview Sam Ghalili speaks with his father Jesse Ghalili in Encino California who talks about his courageous journey immigrating...