Hannah Shin Interview

Hannah Shin talks about immigrating to the United States. She goes into detail about struggling with language barrier and fitting in.

A Whole New World

Peter Chung (15) talks with Joanne Chung (49), recalling her life and regrets, talking about her family, her past, and her sons.

The Sassy and Classy Life of My Grandpa

In this interview created on May 20th, 2019, in Lafayette, CO, Aidan Stevens learns about the story and lifestyle of his grandfather, Thomas. Tom describes his childhood and life story as a catholic, republican American living in the post-Depression era....

Interviewing Omma (Mom)

Sienna (17) discusses with Omma (52) her childhood in South Korea and what her transition was like when moving to the United States.

Ethan Yim and his grandmother Jeong Yim talk about her experiences in Korea, America, and her immigration between.

On April 2021, Ethan (19) interviewed his grandmother (85) in her living room, in Irvine, California. She discusses her life experiences, especially those pertaining to life in Korea, immigration, and life in the United States.

Interview 11-24

Maury is 78 and has an amazing life for everything.

Growing Up & School

I talked with my roommate who is Korean about growing up & school. Then I could know a lot of Korean cultures and people.

Ed Dunn – a former Marine in the late 1950’s.

A brief interview with Ed Dunn, a Marine in the late 1950’s. Within our conversation, we discussed where he was stationed, life for him as a Marine, segregation, and how the Marines shaped him as a person and how he...

StoryCorps Connect Nov 15 2022: Han Soo Oh and Theodore Gubser Interview
November 15, 2022 App Interview

Han Soo Oh (88.5) talked to his grandson, Theodore Gubser (12) with input from Joann Oh (81), Han Soo's wife, Theo's grandmother, and Elisa Oh, Han Soo and Joann's daughter and Theo's mother.

November 29, 2017 App Interview

Interviewing my dad about his life.

The Korean War

My Grandpa’s experience fighting in Korea

An American In Japan: Korean War (Pt. 1)

My grandfather tells me the stories of his service on the MRS (military rail service) in American based Japan during the Korean War. He gives personal insight into his experience as a young American man in an unfamiliar land during...

Korean War

Arnold Wells (88) discusses his experience in the Korean War at only 17 years old.

“If I die in a combat zone, just put me in a box and send me home.”

Have you ever wondered what being in a war was like? On December 19, 2019, 15-year-old Jack Goetz sits down with his 87 year old grandpa Bill Parker in the wonderful city of Beckley, West Virginia to talk about his...

Closing into the Unknown Secrets of my Grandmother

In this interview, conducted on November 30th, 2019 in Valley Village, California, David Lee (이한빈) interviews his maternal grandmother Sang-shim Kim (김상심, ≈70), encompassing a variety of topics. She talks about her childhood, school, dream, marriage, daughter (David’s mother). She...

An accurate representation of our relationship.
November 26, 2018 App Interview

I went into this interview hoping this to be serious and informational but instead I feel like this interviews importance is the realness and accurate relationship of my mom and I’s relationship...