John Nettles’ interview with his uncle and Private Chef, Andy Ennis.

On December 25, 2022, in New Hope, Pennsylvania, John Nettles (16) interviewed his Uncle, Andy Ennis (58) about both his memorable childhood growing up in Michiana, Michigan, along with his career as a private chef. Born in 1964, Andy always...

Dwight and Hailey discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Dwight Elders talks with his daughter, Hailey Elders, about investment and carbon neutrality in the context of A2Zero and being part of a neighborhood near Lake Michigan. They discuss what it means to truly value Lake Michigan and how Dwight's...

Swimming a mile w no guard

My mother swam out to the half mile marker in Lake Michigan by herself at 13 years old.

A Winter Swim in Lake Michigan
November 29, 2018 App Interview

Jon Uzel interviews his father, Paul Uzel - July 4th 2018 This is an account of how Paul managed to end up in Lake Michigan in the winter when he was still a college student.