Oral History Interview

Interview regarding what it was like to grow up in Lebanon

OLD man project

My living history project with my father.

Interview about the life of Robert E. Malouf

This interview was conducted on November 24th 2017 in Corvallis, Oregon. In this interview, Amelia Smith (14), interviews her grandfather, Robert E. Malouf (71), about his life. Robert Malouf shares stories about his grandfather, who came to the United States...


What my mom's life was like from growing up and coming to America and what she thinks the future will be like.

Jenny Rask Interview with Father Gene Barth Rask. Number 1

Jenny Rask: 2020-08-23 19:07:45 Jenny Rask interviews her father Gene Rask in their first chat. How and when his grandparents arrived in the US and a look into where they came from in Lebanon around 1898.

George Haddad, at 95 in Salt Lake city, Utah

This is George discussing his journey from Lebanon to the United States.

Interview with Abdulsalam Younis

In this interview, Abdulsalam Younis gives a brief talk about his youth in Iraq and why he moved to the United States with his family.

My mothers boy friend

In a quick interview I ask my mothers boy friend some questions about his home country Lebanon, and how it differs from the American Life style

The Great Thanksgiving listen featuring my Uncle!
December 11, 2019 App Interview

My uncle described his life while he was in Lebanon, and the tragedies he had to face while he was over there. I think everyone can learn a very important lesson from this interview: “Work hard and you will be...

From war to success

How my dad became successful coming from Lebanon during the 1970s civil war

Mom’s Interview

In this interview, I speak with my mother about her life as an immigrant. We also discuss her home life and time as a child.