Tuesdays with Morrie Interview Assignment

An interview with my mom who is my version of a Morrie because of her kindness and empathy she always displays towards my family and I.

ENGL 2350 Interview. Nina Nestorowich

Interview about life advice and how different generations can learn from one another.

Life lessons from Rebecca Ingals

This interview took place on November 29, 2020 in Salem, MA. I, Raya Young, interviewed my friend Rebecca Ingals who is in her sixties. She talks about growing up on Martha’s Vineyard, meeting her second husband John, and how Covid...

Chatting with my oldest brother Nick about the steps in the life of an educator and a brother.

I talk with my oldest brother, Nick about his upbringing and influences on him to pursue a career as a first grade teacher. We talk about the role of a teacher, and the advice he would give to others doing...

My Older Sister

This is my older sister Nayah. In this interview, she talks about her love life, her work life in the medical field, and just life in general. I hope you enjoy/ed!

Me and Momma are just alike

In this Interview, conducted in November 2023, Hill Hughen (18) interviews his mother Valerie Hughen (46) about her memories and experience in economics. Valerie shares some of her favorite educational and childhood memories. She also mixes in some of her...

"Work now so you don't have to work as hard later. "

In this interview, on November 25, 2021, at Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Denise Carreon interviews her mom, Elizabeth Carreon. Talk about Elizabeth's life and hardships growing up in Mexico transitioning to the United States, while experiencing racism for being...

Taking the leap
December 2, 2022 App Interview

In this interview I talk with my older brother (Cavin Trask) about how to overcome procrastination, overwhelm, and fear in order to reach our goals. We also dive into his decision to drop out of college and how he feels...

Carson Schick Interviewing his mom Jennifer Schick

Carson Schick (18 years old) interviewing his mother Jennifer Schick (49 years old) on 11/26/23. They talk about growing up, what she does now, and life advice.

Mother and daughter discuss important pieces of advice

Daughter (Morgan) and Mother (Amanda) talk about some good advice to take. Amanda tells Morgan about regrets she has, things she's proud of, etc. Morgan gets to learn more about her mom and connect with her.

Judy and Joe part 2

A discussion with my two parents who raised six children and have multiple life stories

Joe and Judy part 1

A conversation with my two parents who raised six children and have multiple life stories

Recording – 11-26-2023 18:16:48

I, Nicholas Bramhall 16, interviewed my mom, Chrissy Bramhall 47, on multiple topics ranging from life to career to politics and covid.

Franklin Dillard and Franklin Dillard II

Franklin Dillard II (38) interviews his father, Franklin Dillard [no age given], about his family, his experience as a parent, and life lessons he would like to impart to future generations.

A Conversation with Papa

John Miller talked about his life, his various jobs, his loving wife, his parents/grandparents, and life advice.

A morning with Bill Vassey

Bill Vassey is a great man. He spoke with us about the time he spent in the Korean War and the travels he had made throughout his life. Bill talked about his late wife that meant the world to him....

Great Thanksgiving Listen Part 3

This was part three of the interview, where I basically asked my grandfather questions to summarize his life and wrap up talking to me by hitting on some key points of his experiences.

Richard Baker and Sierra Grissom: From the Airforce to COVID-19

Sierra Grissom (18) interviews her grandfather, Richard Baker, to hear about his experiences throughout his life. The conversation goes from a story of a young man who joined the military to provide for himself and his young wife to a...

Tracey Wheeler, Fred Wheeler, and Paulah Wheeler

Brother and Sister, Fred Douglas Wheeler (30) and Paulah Wheeler (26), talk with their Mother, Tracey Wheeler (54) about her childhood, becoming a parent, and the advice she has for her future grandchildren.

Conversando con mi Abuela // Talking with my Grandmother

Intrevistando mi Abuela y preguntando algunas cosas sobre su vida como sus momentos mas orgullosos y lecciones que ha aprendido. // Interviewing my Grandmother and asking a some questions about her life like her proudest moments and life lessons she's...