Interview with Grandma

My grandma tells me about her life, and a lot about my mom and how much she loves family.

Hingham Seniors Interview

We discussed Kathy’s favorites memories and hobbies. We had a great conversation and built a meaningful connection! #HinghamSeniors

AP Language – Great Thanksgiving Listening

I decided to interview my grandma, Marcia, in which we touched based on many topics. We started off the interview with her expressing her childhood living in Trinidad and Tobago as well as her and grandpa's relationship. As we continued...

My interview with my dear grandfather

My grandfather tells his life story about the Philippines. How he met my grandma and how he felt about both my parents. He also tells what he did as he grew up

Genevieve Unterseher and Marsha Bohr

Genevieve Unterseher: 2021-09-14 03:38:11 Genevieve Unterseher (16) interviews her grandmother Marsha Bohr (82). They discuss her life from being an infant in London during WWII, to growing up the daughter of African missionaries, and finally, her life lived with no...

Interview with Arriyhana and Celecia

Sisters Arriyahna and Celecia discuss their views on immigration in the United States.

Interview with my dad

I interviewed my dad and asked him a couple of questions.

Eve Shenale life story and experiences on Navajo Reservation

Eve Shenale (41) shares her life story on the Navajo reservation and urban city to her son, Matthew Gould (16). Growing up in the Navajo Nation Reservation and school life in the urban city came with constant moving. In both...


We where talking about things that happened in my grandmas life

Interview with Birdseed Collective.

Journey2Unity invited Anthony Garcia and Victor Escobedo from Birdseed Collective to be interviewed for their story. They talk about their heritage and ancestry, along with where they, and their families are from. They also discussed how Birdseed Collective started and...

The Importance of Becoming a Global Viewer

Chungwon Joshua Seo (19) talks with his father about the importance of learning cultures around the world and the reasons behind his choices made in life.

Life Stories by Ashu Bansal

Sahej Bansal asks his father, Ashu Bansal, about experiences and memories from childhood as well as adult life.

The Groves

"Megan Macoroni in a mug of monkeys." Sophia Groves interviewed their on December 20, 2017. During the interview, they describe their school and life experiences and reminisce about their childhood's.

Interview with Ismael N.

Zipporah R. talks with Ismael N. about his parents' journeys to the United States.

Grandma Chioini

In this interview, my grandma will be talking about her life story and some of her favorite parts of her life.