RMC Interview Assignment

Interview with Micheal Sheppard talking about life stories and past experiences.

Interview with Birdseed Collective.

Journey2Unity invited Anthony Garcia and Victor Escobedo from Birdseed Collective to be interviewed for their story. They talk about their heritage and ancestry, along with where they, and their families are from. They also discussed how Birdseed Collective started and...

Life Stories by Ashu Bansal

Sahej Bansal asks his father, Ashu Bansal, about experiences and memories from childhood as well as adult life.


We where talking about things that happened in my grandmas life

The Importance of Becoming a Global Viewer

Chungwon Joshua Seo (19) talks with his father about the importance of learning cultures around the world and the reasons behind his choices made in life.

Eve Shenale life story and experiences on Navajo Reservation

Eve Shenale (41) shares her life story on the Navajo reservation and urban city to her son, Matthew Gould (16). Growing up in the Navajo Nation Reservation and school life in the urban city came with constant moving. In both...

Interview with my dad

I interviewed my dad and asked him a couple of questions.

Macy York and John Morris (Uncle John).

Macy York: 2023-02-05 15:48:28- John Morris shares his partial life story with his niece.

The Groves

"Megan Macoroni in a mug of monkeys." Sophia Groves interviewed their on December 20, 2017. During the interview, they describe their school and life experiences and reminisce about their childhood's.

Interview with Ismael N.

Zipporah R. talks with Ismael N. about his parents' journeys to the United States.

What I learned from my Grandparents

Unfortunately the original interview audio did not save with my Grandparents, but I'll relay here what I learned from them, and what they said that surprised me

Conversation with Sylvia

Conversation with Sylvia about her life, happy memories and her family. Sylvia is an 82 year old woman, I am very close with her daughter. I have met Sylvia several times and wanted to know more about her life.

Sandra Close History, by Decho Angeloff (The Great Thanksgiving Listen)

Sandra Close of Rio Dell, California shares stories about her family heritage from Italy, and how they immigrated to America. She also reveales experiences she had throughout her childhood, and adult life, opening a window into her life.

Talking with Mimi

In this interview, a grandson interviewed his grandmother about life, memories, and lessons!

Interview with Jakayla J.

Angie W. interviews Jakayla about her thoughts about immigration in the U.S. and living in Denver.

Mi mamá
February 4, 2024 App Interview

My mothers name is Odilia, she is 46 years old, and we talked about her life now and then.