Jerry Burgess

Terin Burgess Coe interviewing her paternal grandfather Jerry Burgess about his life. 11/24/22

Studying Generation Differences

Donna informed me about the early years of her life. What she did as a kid and who shaped her into who she is today.

Hailey Christensen and Molly Coddens

Hailey Christensen interviews Molly Coddens over Facetime for an 8th grade language arts class, Hailey learns about Molly's childhood growing up in Burlington Washington. This was for class, but it became so much more.

A Talk with Mrs. Tyer

a talk with my advisory teacher, Mrs. Tyer. she's been an anchor over my school career and I would not be where I am without her.

La Historia de mi Madre

My mother talked to me about her life in Arizona, and how her life changed over the years.

October 23, 2022 App Interview

This consists of a 15 minute interview where Havish asks his dad, Ramesh 10 questions about his life and relationships that he has formed over the years. Hav is a 20 Year old college student who is pursuing his undergraduate...

US Korean War Veteran: Life, Work, and Lessons

During the November 26th interview with Mr. Marshall, we talked about his family’s origins, growing up in a small town, his childhood life, adult life, work life, and experiences in the military. He described how his life was affected by...

Carolyn’s oral history project

During my interview I talked with my dad about his life story.

Ired interview

Her interview went very well. The app made things very easy to do and had everything you needed to interview someone.

Interview with Great Grandma

Interview with my great grandma, Ethel Whitson, about her life

Life of Pastor John Ceselsky

Pastor John Ceselsky talks to Hannah Fisher about his life.

A Life of Love & Service w/ Oren Cousins

A niece speaks with her uncle, who serves as the historian of the family, as well as being an artist, a writer, and a lifelong educator to all who he comes across.

“I thought he was stuck up…”

A high school student, Brandon Sechrest, 16, interviews his mother Lee Ann about her life in America and Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Having been born and raised in Connecticut and growing up on the east coast, she talks about...

Interview with Hans Lagoni

Interview of our dad’s life story on the occasion of his 80th birthday.