Interview With My Mom

We talked about all of the memories my mom had of me and my siblings as well as her life here and in Mexico.

Theresa Prather, and her unusually prevalent allergy

My mother, Theresa Prather, talks about her experiences with a corn allergy, which is much more prominent then you would originally think

Interviewing my Grandpa

In this interview I talked to my grandpa about his lifestyle and his childhood. I listened to him as he talked to me about his father and siblings. And things that he wants to change in the future and things...

“Ed Cheramy and I talk about growing up in Kansas.”

In this interview I learned a lot about my Grandfather’s early life. I also learned a good amount about my great grandparents! In the interview you will learn a lot about the time period and what they did differently then...

Art is a lifestyle

Within this interview, Tyler Benjamin told me his thoughts about the arts and how society lacked in knowingbtghe importance of having them in our daily lives. Not just because the Arts changed his life but because it is a way...

November 8, 2017 App Interview

We discuss some question about fashion, such as the mean about fashion.

The life(education) in Poland vs. the life(education) in the States

This interview mainly talks about the lifestyle and education system differences and similarities between the country that Sofiia lives in, which is Poland and the US. In the interview, Sofiia expresses her fond and dilemma toward the US education system...

Livia’s interview

My mom and I talked about her earlier years and how she was raised in a foreign country. We also talked about the people who had a major impact on her life and how they changed who she is today.

How Feminism Has Changed

Emily Weir shares with Emily Lo how feminism has influenced her own life decisions and values.

A Change in Lifestyle

“In Michigan people were super nice, and that's not always the case in LA,” said Linda Branca when her son, Dylan Branca interviewed her. The interview took place on Janurary 6, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. The best part of...


When interviewing my maternal grandmother, we talked mostly on her life when she was young, being one of fourteen kids and later having five kids.

Rohit Rajagopalan-Interview with my dad

Interview with my dad. Recounts life in India and how he has changed

Army Student Lifestyle.

Interviewer Kaylee Neal (age 18 female) average college student interviews former high school friend Alex Cabrera (age 19 male) who is enlisted in the United States Army. Overviews the lifestyle of an Army boy looking for a way to be...

Differences between Indiana and Florida

My Grandma and I talked about how different the seasons are, how the teacher style has changed, and why she moved to florida

Christiaan Letsinger and Anna Rodriguez

Friends Christiaan Letsinger (28) and Anna Rodriguez (30) talks about how they use social media to advocate for nurses self-care, the own challenges with chronic illness and their hopes for the future.

The great thanksgiving interview

My grandmother had a pretty different life than me but over all I think we have similarities but mostly differences

Ryan and Ivan

Ivan is an international student. We talked about his lifestyle in his home country and how it compared to his experience in the United States.

Interview with my mom, Glorymar Rosa

We talked about my mothers upbringing. We also spoke about her life challenges and what makes her happy.

Father and Son: A Glance Back At History

This interview is led by me, Alexander Boyko, and centered around my father, Serhiy Boyko. Covering the intricacies of his youth, cultural foundations, familial heritage, education, dreams, and more, the experience is perfect as an engaged son curious about our...

5 Minutes from pemex

Derek interviews Cesar about how life is living close to the border.

Food and Eating with Mom

Mom shares how her mother, the original farm-to-table southern cook, prepared their meals as she was growing up.