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Deborah Taub, Cynthia Weinman, Erna Rubinfeld, and Stuart Rubinfeld

Deborah Taub (57) and her sister Cynthia Weinman (56) had a conversation with their aunt, Erna Rubinfeld (78), and first cousin, Stuart Rubinfeld (49), to remember their first cousin (and Erna’s nephew), Victor Wald, who died on September 11, 2001...

James Dobbins interview with his mom

James talks to his mother about life growing up in Brooklyn, and her early memories from childhood. She shares some memorable moments from her life and lessons she has learned. She talks about some of the influences on her life...

Daniel Nawrocki and Thomas Vaughn discuss preparing for the climate emergency

We discussed what Tom, a Long Island native, has done to react against climate amd emergencies. This included, but was not limited to, his experiences with Hurricane Sandy.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

During the first part of the interview, I talked to pop-pop about his childhood, where he grew up, and how he met my grandmother. We also talked a lot about his first jobs.

Olivia Svitak interviews her dad, Troy Svitak

In this interview my dad, Troy Svitak (age 58), talks about his childhood love for baseball, college experiences, meeting the love of his life, and more.

Interviewing My Grandma

Today I interviewed my Grandma and we talked about her life growing up in Brooklyn, moving to Long Island, family and marriage.

Interview with our favorite Guy, ch. 1
December 26, 2022 App Interview

This is the first installment in a series of interviews with R. Guy Wormald, age 83. Beth Wormald Gonzalez, his eldest daughter (age 52), asks her dad questions about growing up on Long Island in NY, his young adult life,...

Granddaughters Conversation with her Grandparents- 2022

Janet Meckley (76) and Samuel Vives (83) sat down with their granddaughter- Riley Meckley (18)- for a conversation about growing up. History of America and NY was shared, as well as life advice, and thoughts of society’s future. This intergenerational...

Interviewing My Girlfriend Angelina Leibman

Nov 27th, 2021 I interviewed my girlfriend Angelina Leibman, talking about her personal life and our relationship so far.