Katie Pina and Mario Navarro

One Small Step partners Katie Pina (36) and Mario Navarro (52) share a conversation about growing up, their families, their children, and the COVID-19 pandemic. They also talk about their frustrations with US politics, their perspectives on religion, and their...

Half German and a Quarter Hispanic

My husband talks about his grandparents and parents and how their culture has influenced his own personal culture.

Sarah Nelson and Harland Nelson

Sarah Nelson (58) and her father Harland Nelson (94) remember Corinne, Sarah's mother and Harland's wife, on the day that would have been her 97th birthday.

Brian McCaffrey and Pablo Siqueiros

Brian McCaffrey (64) and his teacher, Pablo Siqueiros (32), talk about the power of music, what inspired them to pursue music, and singing at the Minnesota Opera.

Mark Rozanski and Mary Beth Weaver

Mary Beth Weaver (56) speaks to her friend Mark Rozanski (52) about her youth as an Army brat, love of travel, her relationship with people, challenges of dementia and Alzheimer's and her personal spiritual journey