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My mom’s life story interview
November 30, 2017 App Interview

This interview is about my mother's life in Cambodia where she grew up during Cambodian genocide. In addition to, her life before and after it started, and the life struggles she had dealt with even as a young child. She...

Interview with my Mom

The interview was so hilarious and full of enjoyment! My Mom shared some some I never knew. The best part of the interview was when she told me that she was a cry baby when she went to school and...

Mohammed talks to Oscar about his life

I ask Mohammed about his family and how they got to the U.S, as well as other questions like how he lost so much weight and how he feels about education.

“There are always obstacles in life that will bring you down but at the end of the day…”

I interview my cousin, Jacob de Galicia (20), about his passions and talents. Jacob tells me his influences on his passions, and how he incorporated his talents with his passions to make him who he is today.

The Blast To The Past With My Cousin

Ayesha, born in India, lived in Abu Dhabi and moved to Richmond, Virginia at the age of eight. She's currently twenty-three with a six-month old son, she's working on getting her PHD in Islamic History at Northwestern university in Chicago....

Interview with mom

I understand that was born in and experienced her childhood in different country. I want to ask her about how her everyday life was back then and how she might compare it to her present life in the U.S.

Gareth and Eldin talk about life advice that is beneficial for teens.
November 28, 2017 App Interview

In this interview me and Gareth go into conversations about life and how he has grown. he talks about how the decisions he's made has impacted him. I've known Gareth for a few years. He is in his senior year...

Family History

The person I interviewed was my mom because of her background I felt she would have good stories to tell us. Throughout the interview she talked about her childhood,struggles, and family struggles. Welcome to her life and being part of...