Two sisters talking about life

Just two sisters talking to each other about life and random things. We are just enjoying each other’s company.

StoryCorps Interview

I expand on my takeaways from my life history/medical interview with my mother.

Managing Life with Chronic illness

Living a life with chronic illness as a wife and mother is a complex situation that requires complex solutions. Building a team is a key component to thriving in a system that's ill-equipped to bring real solutions to the real...

A customer service industry?

A dive into the similarities in the Nursing and Teaching fields, as well as the stress that accompanies it. You may have to turn the volume up, my mom's voice is very soft on this recording.

My Fathers Experience with Covid-19

In this interview, Morgan Caldwell age 20 discussed with my father Robert Caldwell age 66 about his experience with the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot was discussed from family relationships to mental health throughout the past year.

Anne Eliason and Sophia Eliason

Mother and daughter Anne Eliason (44) and Sophia Eliason (17) discuss Sophia’s childhood, her coming out as a trans girl, and how her life has changed since.

Tough Times and its Effects

We discuss political and social issues in addition to covering personal background information.

The Proof is in the Pandemic (Part 1)

Honest vulnerability made Shyla and I fast friends when we met in Southeast Asia, far from our Southern roots. I also became a fan of her writing (under the pseudonym S.M. Holland) and took this opportunity to discuss "Get In...

Mental illness work

Nephew and aunt talk about mental illness

mia d

mia and her high school career

3 Generations of ADHD

In this quick interview, I talk to my mom about what it was like growing up through 3 generations of ADHD.

Modern Day Hero Interview

We talked about how Allie went from being in a mentally dark place to excelling in her mental health. And showing that you can overcome adversity.

Here’s to the girl who went through mental health . You’re not alone

My best friend of many years talk about the struggle she went through and had to exprience when we were just adolescent . To now being college student and still managing life itself . This is her story and a...

My Mom’s suicide when I was 8.

Helen Kay Campbell talks about how her mother's suicide when she was 8 effected her family.

Rock Climbing Your Way to Improved Mental Health

We met with an avid rock climber to talk a little bit about how rock climbing was an amazing outlet to work through her mental health. She highlights several components of climbing and encourages others to get involved!

Thailan Burress, Manny Chapman, and Sabrina Burress

Sabrina Burress (41) shares a conversation with her two sons, Thailan "Tay" Burress (20) and Manny Chapman (16), about being family, the struggles of single parenting, what family teaches each other, and the art of failing gracefully.

Interview with my grandmother

In this interview, I talk to my grandmother about issues within the Black community surrounding mental health as well as the current pandemic.

” I’m schizophrenic and so am I “

I told Tilsa the broad outline of my diagnosis with stage 2 thyroid cancer and she was like " Congratulations. GO DIE."

Stuart Aaronson interview drop-in center reunion May 19 2019

Stu discusses how he got to Provincetown, how the whole-health approach of the drop-in center affected his approach to health care and role as a mental health administrator at Harlem Hospital, and why the drop-in center was a special place.