A week in a mental hospital

MaryJo Rotella recently had been admitted into Brylin Mental Hospital and she shares her thoughts on mental illness and her time being there.

My Experience With Bullying And How That Has Changed My Perspective On Leadership

Audrey and I talk about my experience with moving across the country, going through bullying, and my mental health journey and how I feel like these things impacted how I present myself as a leader.

Occupational Therapy: Living Life to its Fullest! Lived Experience Interview of Dr. Dawn Evans

In this inspirational interview, Dr. Dawn Evans describes her lived experience as an agent of change in the occupational therapy profession as well as Northeastern Board President of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. Dr. Dawn Evans is also a...

Riyaan's Interview

Riyaan talks about how he missed nature amid the COVID 19 and staying at home. He was home schooled for two months due to the pandemic and realized how important was the teacher's role in their education. He also tells...

Progress and Paradox: Our childhoods

My Grandmother and I discuss all of our experiences growing up and how that shaped who we are today

Practice Interview (2)

Talking with my sister about mental health and the impact of social media.

Occupational Therapy: Living Life to its Fullest! Lived Experience Interview of Bailey LeBoeuf Johnson

Bailey LeBoeuf Johnson is an Occupational Therapist in the state of Colorado, and an inspiring agent of change within the profession. Identifying a gap in mental health services, she created her own business to provide the best quality of care...

The fight for mental health

Jessica Schick talks about her fight for mental health and how important a single person can be to you.

Grace and her mother talk about her mother’s upbringing
November 26, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, Grace and her mother explore what it was like growing up in the mid-1990s China and how her difficulties and parental influences impacted her outlook on life and her relationships with those around her.

Timothy Ouyang and Jae Jin

Friends and artists Timothy Ouyang (35) and Jae Jin [no age given] share their thoughts on gratitude, suffering and loneliness in the modern era. Tim talks about the fires in California and lessons learned since starting his gardening adventure and...

Austin Meinert and Jenny Liebig

Austin Meinert (16) talks to his teen librarian, Jenny Liebig (33), about his involvement at the library, experience with bullying as a gay Black teenager, and the importance of fostering mental health in teenagers.

The shaping of Susan Fisher’s life and her empathetic past.

Conducted in Santa Cruz, California, student Kayla Penny (age 15) interviews Susan Fisher (age 45) about a childhood story and the effect it had on Susan’s future. Fisher shares her story of dealing with individuals troubled with mental health such...

Slamming the Stigma of Mental Illness

I believe we need to have more discussions about mental health to better address this vexing issue. This is just a small glimpse of how this issue effects family's, friends and society. Although having this interview with my father was...

Military and Mental Health

A dialogue on the stigmas faced by men in the military.

Ashley Demaris Palmer

A story of a teenager from Sunset Utah, of poverty, child abuse, and redemption. Ashley Demaris Palmer is a Highschooler with an interesting life story behind him, with the places and ways he has lived and the people his met,...

Justin Berman and Jessica Oski

One Small Step conversation partners Justin Berman (51) and Jessica Oski (57) talk about the people who have influenced and inspired them; who and what informs their political value system; and how to come alongside and support people in the...

Interview With Bella

We talked about family, what we’ve learned growing up, and influential memories and people.

Equitable Dinners Stories! Adria Kitchens

Adria Kitchens is Program Manager for Out of Hand Theater. She leads Equitable Dinners! Here she talks about her journey to awareness of racism, learning the importance of communication to find equity, the revolution in Black people empowering and taking...