Mugshots: Bonny Kitson

Bonny recalls her times attending Musikfest as a memorable experience for herself and family. Her one word to best describe Musikfest is FAMILY.

Mugshots: Debbie Lutz and Karen Barr

Debbie and Karen are good friends and neighbors, who have been coming to Musikfest for 10+ years. Their one word(s) to best describe Musikfest are FEST-TABULOUS and FUN.

Max DeVincenzo on Music & Community

I interview Max, a musician in living in Boulder who was raised in Jamestown, CO.

Mugshots: Kermit Burley

Kermit is a devoted Musikfest visitor - he's been attending Musikfest since it first began in 1984. His one word to best describe Musikfest is UNFORGETTABLE.

Titi Lourdes’ music

Remembering a loved one by the music they listened to.

Mass Comm. Media Project

How music has changed to my father

SEN$UI: the guy behind the music

Israel Rosado tells all about his past with creating music, and how his sound has developed with time.

Uncle Bryan

An in depth story of how troubled beginnings can lead to a better future.

Radio and the music that moves us

Interview with Ken Murphy in the 88.3 KABF studio in Little Rock Arkansas. The interview was over the radio, music, artist, and all of the changes that have happened or are taking place now.

Dad's Music Journey

I ask my dad about his journey with music throughout his life.

Passion for Teaching, Compassion for Students

In this interview, I spoke with musical therapist, Jocelyn Fish, about her experiences in her work and her passion for teaching.

A Step Towards a Clear Mind

My first official recording on here. Topic of passion. The recording got cut off at the end because I forgot to turn on airplane mode and I received a phone call. The last thing I wanted to to say is...

Music Evolution Through the Ears of a ‘Generation X’ Adult

Listen to a mother-daughter team discuss the evolution of music from the last 60s to today’s trending (or not so trending) tunes.

Mr.Derting happy life.

How his childhood was and how he grow up,and some happy memories about when he was a teenager.

Student and Teacher
December 27, 2018 App Interview

A student and teacher sit down one afternoon after a piano lesson to talk about life. Two generations come together to explore piano and politics, life and death.

Don Mccoy- a life of laughter and kindness

Don's life began in rural Louisiana. Before he was 25 years old, he had traveled the US and settled in New York City where he finally reaized what it felt like to be completely free to be himself. He has...

Janai speaks with Dj Hayze about career choices and what’s up next!

Dj Hayze is a local Dj in the DMV area, he also travels around the world as headline Dj for Carnival Cruises. Being a Dj is hard and setting yourself apart is key. Dj Hayze tells us how he did...

Talking to my Father About Music

My dad and I discussed the music of his childhood and the differences in music today!

Sarah Gray & Jack Delaney, Blood Transfusion Recipient & Formerly Anonymous Blood Donor "Everyone deserves it."

Sarah Gray, age 47, (Washington DC) blood transfusion recipient, interviews Jack Delaney (61), one of the 10 anonymous strangers who donated 1 of the units of the blood she received during childbirth in 2010. "I'd like to make a new...

Anthony Small w/ Kyle Small: Love, Music & Community

Father and son reminisce on the influence of family and passion on building a life surrounded by the power of community.