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Nathaniel Miller Interviews Andrew Miller

Nathaniel Milller interviews his older brother Andrew Miller about his life experiences and beliefs.

Me and my brother

I interview my older brother we are about a year apart so we’ve always been pretty close

Adam Fried and Jon Fried

Brothers Adam Fried (58) and Jon Fried (60) parents founded Innisfree Village to provide a community that was in support of Jon's intellectual disabilities. The two discuss the community's history, having been one of its first residents as well as...

Han Calder and Logan Stewart Calder

Brothers Han Calder (29) and Logan Stewart Calder (31) come together to talk about life after the passing of their older brother, Seth Michael Calder.

My grandmothers words
November 26, 2021 App Interview

In this interview my grandmother talks about her family more than anything because ever family is her greatest value.

Looking For A Better Life

A 12 year old boy turns into a police officer. On December 31st Viviana Rodriguez asks her grandfather, Rafael Hernandez, what it was like to start working in such a young age and then eventually transition into being a police...