Pakistan Intreview

My dad and I discuss issues about our country Pakistan

Gauri Manocha and Raj Manocha

Raj Manocha talks with his daughter about his childhood in India in the 1970s and 1980s, amidst the 3rd war of the India-Pakistan Partition.

“I am as American as I am Pakistani”

On November 29th, 2020, Rehmat Arbab, age 16, interviewed her Pakistani immigrant mother on her experiences growing up in America. She mentions her life moving from Pakistan, to Florida, and then to New Jersey. She also reminisces stories of her...

Naade Jamali Interview for WHAP

Me and my mom talking about her time in Pakistan and America

Conversations with an International Student During COVID-19: Maryam Khalid & Arham Chaudry

Maryam Khalid (18) catches up with her cousin Arham Chaudry (20), who is currently quarantining at Vassar College, unable to get a flight home to Pakistan. They discuss growing up in Pakistan, generational divides, politics, & the future of higher...

Interview with my Uncle

My uncle and I talk about moving to the U.S., his career, and social issues, including immigration, medical coverage, and racism.

Sadaf Imran and her struggles in the Medical Field

I interviewed my aunt who is a foreign medical doctor and talk about her struggles in achieving her degree being married young and having kids young. Furthermore, we discuss her adjustment from a Muslim medical doctor in Pakistan to being...

Mahmooda Khalid

This is an interview of our grandmother, Mehmooda Khalid. She has been through a lot in her lifetime including the partition of India and Pakistan.

Talking to a refugee

I spoke to my grandfather who had to come to India after the 1947 partition.

Amara Tariq Interviewing Murad Khan about his Life

It is April 29, 2018, and my grandpa and I are in Northville, MI. My grandpa and I are just taking about life, careers, family, and just growing up and getting through life. My grandpa shares what is was like...

Christmas Memories from a Missionary to Pakistan

Ralph and Polly Brown served as Christian missionaries in Southern Pakistan from the 1950s through the 1980s. They spent many Christmases there, far from the snowy New England winters they knew from theor childhoods. These are some memories of a...

thanksgiving storycorps

Samara Mansoor, 16 years old, interviewing her dad, Mansoor Qureshi. Thanksgiving Storycorps recording for Ms. Cupps' AP Lang class at Tuscarora High School in Leesburg, Virginia.

Interview with my Grandpa about his education and his immigration to America

In this interview, I asked my grandpa about his educational experiences in Pakistan and Denmark and the process of immigrating to America. He highlighted his journey of learning to value the importance of education and explained how his life and...

My Grandfather’s Experience in the Indo-Pakistani War

My grandfather and I discussed his experiences as an Air Force officer during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1960’s. We talked in a mix of English and Malayalam.

Living History

My mom describing her experience, of the fabled “American Dream”

Interview with my Mom

The interview was so hilarious and full of enjoyment! My Mom shared some some I never knew. The best part of the interview was when she told me that she was a cry baby when she went to school and...