I asked my mom a series a questions about parenting in relation to me as a child.

Trieu and Timothy Hoang – Father & Son Reflection

Trieu Hoang (55) father of Timothy Hoang (24) discuss the pivotal life moments that shaped Trieu's life.

School interview
December 5, 2019 App Interview

A general overview of some of the things in my fathers life.

Mom and Dad

My parents and I talked about me as a child.

ENG 131 Interview: Chris Ray interviews his parents.

Chris Ray starts by interviewing his mother, with his father coming in soon after.

All about my mother

This about Alma Nunez who grew up in Mexico and America. Its also about her family and friend's also what she would do on school

Amit Acharya and Aditya Srikanth

Amit Acharya(18) connects with Aditya Srikanth(18) on his passions of engineering. However, with a worldly perspective, he expresses his thoughts on immigrant parents, the future of technology, social media psychology, and society as whole.

Deborah Reyes Life

I interviewed my mother, Deborah Reyes, and she told me stories of her childhood, parents, and life journey.

Interviewing Jenny
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Growing up the youngest of eight girls, moving frequently, memories and childhood

Luis Martino asks his neighbor Sherry Eagon about certain parts in her life.

This interview is taken on November 26, 2017 in Canton, Ohio. Luis Martino interviews his nighbor Sherry Eagon who lives with her husband Don Eagon. She talks about her childhood and how she felt while growing up and when she...

There and back again..
October 26, 2021 App Interview

We talked about Branden’s childhood, parents, and favorite memories. We talked about his work, his family, and his beliefs. We spent a lot of time addressing our future generations.

An interview with my mom

My mom and I talked about having children and what I was like as a child.


We talked about growing up and childhood memories. Also about religion and our family heritage

My mom and dad

My mom’s was experience when my dad got sick.

An interview with a Mother

An interview with my mother. She gives a little bit of advice.

Mackenzie Fallow and Mason Fallow Interview on the topic of Adolescence (November 29, 2021)

In this Interview, my brother informed me of what his childhood was like in comparison to growing up and becoming an Adolescent. We discussed differences in school, parenting and our peers. I found out a lot of good insight on...