War experience of Elsie McElligott
November 26, 2017 App Interview

Questions about how Elsie McElligott felt as a 6 year old girl during the war. In response to an article she wrote later in her life, Elsie tells of the unity and responsibility Americans went through. Even as children.

Thomas Galvin 11/25/2018

In this interview, I spoke with my father, Thomas Galvin, about some pretty general things. We talked about his accomplishments, his military service, his cancer battle, his basic morals, and what he wants the future generations to know, and it...

Patrick Williams and Beverly Williams

Spouses Patrick "Pat" Williams (73) and Beverly “Bev” Williams (71) share stories of similar traditional upbringings, even though Pat was a military brat and Bev’s lived in Amarillo all her life. The spouses also talk about their commitment to serving...

Francie Bolter and Ahmed Borroho

Ahmed Borroho (69) reflects on his childhood, his adventures throughout Europe, and his journey to America from Morocco with his friend, Francie Bolter (68).

Miah and Sergeant Peter Frank talk about what it means to be a police officer today

Hi, I'm Miah Manning and a high school student at WHRHS. I interviewed my uncle, Sergeant Peter Frank, a police officer of 25 years, about his opinions regarding his courage and patriotism and how he feels about our country. The...

Grandpa Patriotism

I asked my 1950s suburban military veteran grandfather his views on patriotism and how it’s morphed over the years.

My Father: Growing Up During the Cold War
November 27, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Birmingham, AL, Alison Levine (16) interviews her father, Adam Levine, about growing up during the Cold War. He discusses the effects the war had on him and others. He also details specific...

Jesse Tobar and Matthew Wolf

Jesse Tobar (28) talks with his friend Matthew Wolf (39) about his time as an army medic, his experience with performance at CRE Outreach and what the future holds.

Don Roden and Rosemary Roden

Spouses Don Roden (71) and Rosemary Roden (68) center their conversation about coming from military families, Don's experience serving in Vietnam, and share pieces of family history regarding military involvement.

Aug 18 2020 1:26 pm Louis Voros & Beth Moeller for the Senior Citizens Day Griswold Home Care Fairfield County Resilience Project

Beth Moeller (57) of Griswold Home Care Fairfield County and Louis Voros (77) of Fairfield, CT sit down via StoryCorps connect to discuss wisdom gleaned from a life of hard work and perseverance. Hear Lou share how a quest for...

Surviving World War ll

Jenna Genzel interviewed Archie Fagan on November 30, 2019 in New Jersey, USA. Archie Fagan, a 93 year old World War ll veteran, proudly served the United States during World War ll. He explains how he experienced multiple significant events...

Rebecca Curran and Ty Patton

One Small Step partners, Rebecca Curran (40) and Ty Patton (37), swap stories about how they were taught about the environment, discuss how they feel about war, and learn about each other's different values for our government system.

Jerrold Grodin, Darin Spelber, and Gabbe Grodin

Sisters Darin Spelber (44) and Gabbe Grodin (40) interview their father, Jerrold Grodin (71), about his decision to enlist in the Army Medical Corps at the age of 51 the day after September 11th, 2001.

Tara Casey and Nicole Unice

One Small Step conversation partners Tara Casey (48) and Nicole Unice (43) discuss family, faith and raising their children with awareness.