Tawana Anderson and Robert Anderson

Robert L. Anderson (79) talks about his banking career and his experience as the first Black executive at the Columbus Bank and Trust with his daughter, Tawana Anderson (50).

What It Means to Volunteer

I had the pleasure of interviewing the volunteer coordinator at my school, Auggie. We discussed many topics such as positivity, volunteering, and his own personal experiences with volunteering.

The Positives in the Negatives

We talk about the positives in all things negative such as struggling and politics. We also speak on different ways to help cope with stress and other things.

Interviewing sister

We talked about my sisters childhood and the good and bad things in life. These good and bad things should always be positive at the end of the day because everything happens for a reason.

So you just got married

I talked with a new member of the family and we use this interview so we have a better understanding of who exactly is the man that was just married into the family.

Perspective of Life

In this interview, my boyfriend and I sat down and went over his positive perspective on life and how he was raised to be that way.


Talking to my dad about some of the most important and life changing people/memories he has.

Lizzy Kelley and Wade Bishop

Spouses, Lizzy Kelley (36) and Wade Bishop (46), talk about their relationship, their life during the pandemic, and the message they would like to share with their future selves.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, I will be interviewing my mother about her life.

Bob Rosenthal and Jill Rosenthal

Bob Rosenthal (83) talked with his wife Jill Rosenthal (76) about his father, growing up in Wisconsin, and the positive affect of his father's attitude on him and others.

Dusty Casteen and William Johnson

Friends Dusty Casteen (41) and William "Tommy" Johnson (51) talk about their friendship, their path to recovery, and the cold weather shelter they started in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Interview with Sa Bom Nim Ben Johnson
November 21, 2017 App Interview

Sa Bom Nim Ben Johnson talks about his career as a martial arts teacher and how it has influenced him.


This about our funny moments

Kimberly Dilosa and JeBari Lewis

Kimberly Dilosa (40) and JeBari Lewis (20) talk about Kim's experiences during Hurricane Katrina and her work as a community organizer running the nonprofit foundation YOUTHanasia. Kim and JeBari discuss their efforts to combat negative media representations of black youth.