Conversation with John Looker, U.S. Army Veteran

U.S. Army Veteran, John Looker, speaks with the NVMM Education Team about his experience serving in the Army during the Vietnam War. John shares the difficulties of returning to civilian life and how he continues to support Veterans.

James Reeves and Amy Spiker

Amy Spiker (43) interviews her father, James Reeves (87) about his time serving as a Marine during WWII. He also talks about his 70-year career as an auto garage owner and his 64-year marriage.

Carl Berning and Carol Berning

Carol Berning (68) talks with her husband Carl G. Berning (73) about his service in the Army during the Vietnam war. Carl talks about the draft and why he enlisted in the Army, he talks about the training he received,...

Interview with Dorothy Whitfield Chisholm on her experience in WWII — Winning the Purple Heart, Serving in Paris by Graham Chisholm

Dorothy Whitfield Chisholm (98) speaks with her son, Graham Chisholm (62) about her experience joining the British Army at age 18 in 1941, and then transferring over to the US Army in Great Britain in 1942, being wounded by a...

Barry Dunleavy and Maria Garten

Barry Dunleavy (88) speaks to his friend Maria "Mimi" Garten (71) about his experience in the United States Marine Corps during the Korean War, joining a seminary, and beginning an acting career in New York City.

Some Heroes Wear Capes, Others Wear Fatigues

Most people can't imagine enduring the hardships of war, especially at the age of 18. On November 28, 2017, 14 year-old Olivia Reiner interviewed her great-grandfather, Richard Crum, about his experience in the US Marine Corps during World War II....