Pelletier- Influencer

10 Questions on racism with mom as an influential person in my life

Pelletier- Peer

Eight questions on racism with Betty Song.


My roommate Julissa talks about growing up in Dorchester, going to school at Lasell, and the racial issues we face.


Allie and I talk about race on campus, her life growing up, and possible solutions


Interviewing Kaitlin Johnson on racism

Paloski- Influencer

Talking to someone who has influenced me about race

Civil Rights Interview

This interview entails me ask my father about the civil rights movement and how it affected his life.

Interview about Caitlin Cherry

An interview about the incident in VCU painting and printmaking between Caitlin Cherry and Javier Tapia.

Civil rights movements

This interview is with my grandfather. The main topic is about the civil rights movement and his life during that time. He talks about many different points in his life. Also his thoughts on segregation. He expresses hiw the schools...

My Mimi’s Life

My grandma, Diane Captain, looks back at her early life and the Civil Rights Movement. She compares her generation’s macho to the current one’s social media craze.

Bryanna and I

We was talking about MLK Jr and above her life.We also was talking about how she feel about MLK

Vic Perkins talks about his life in Bynum, Montana

Vic talks about life on a ranch in Bynum, Montana near Choteau and shares an interesting story of serving in the army and participating in the Ole Miss riot of 1962 reflecting on the event, “it changed me…how can you...

Rahaf Abdallah and her mother, Azza Ghanem, talk about their lives growing up in Egypt and America.

In this interview, conducted in December 2017 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Rahaf Abdallah (16) interviews her mother Azza Ghanem about her life growing up in Egypt and in America. Azza shares her stories about education and living the...

Heavens mom

Talking about her life and interesting topics that relate to her life.

Ray Thomas History Interview

For US History, discussed racial and economical differences between his time and ours.

On Whiteness

This interview is private.

Interview w/ My Dad, Rizaldy

My dad discusses his life immigrating to the United States in the 70s, his time as a marine and meeting my mother and having me.


In this interview, I asked my dad about his childhood growing up in Nepal and his immigration story to America. I questioned him on various topics that could have effected him and shaped his views.

Curtis Reliford and Christy Hightower
November 6, 2016 App Interview

Curtis Reliford talks about overcoming racism and serious adversity to find and fulfill his life’s purpose which is helping those who are experiencing hard times: hurricane Katrina victims and the Navajo and Hopi people. Curtis describes how he follows his...