The Life and Wisdom of Shawn Stover

Shawn Stover is the much-admired and respected Reentry Coordinator at Ohio Means Jobs of Athens County. He tells his life story, discusses his work with people leaving prison, and shares words of wisdom.

Cynthia Dean and Kendal McCoy on Importance of Second Chances

Cynthia Dean and Kendal McCoy are Case Managers at Operation New Hope and provide support and counseling to people affected by the criminal justice system with the goal of reconnecting them to the workforce, their families, and their communities. They...

Vince Whibbs and Rosetta Taylor

Colleagues Vince "Vinnie" Whibbs (77) and Rosetta Taylor (61) talk about the work they do with Re-entry Alliance Pensacola (REAP) where they assist those leaving jail and prison with getting back into the community to become, self-sufficient and productive. They...

Crystal DeBerry and Torey DeBerry

Crystal DeBerry (40) and her husband Torey DeBerry (43) talk about Torey's incarceration, the impact it had on their family, and why they chose to take a chance on one another through all of the challenges.

Paul Kennedy and Vince Whibbs

Paul Kennedy (57) shares with his friend Vince "Vinnie" Whibbs (77) about his childhood, his 30 years incarcerated and getting the support he needed to stay out of prison through the anti-recidivism program, Re-entry Alliance Pensacola (REAP).

David Clark and Sean Benson

Sean "Saddiq" Benson (48) interviews his friend David "Dawud" Clark (61) about his work in the penitentiary system advocating for inmates' right and later his work with Dream of Detroit helping run a reentry house.

The Life and Wisdom of Diana Prinz

Diana tells her life story, speaking of family, addiction and recovery, incarceration and reentry, challenges and resilience, and shares words of wisdom gained through hard-fought experience.

Camille Holmes and Andrea Self

Colleagues Camille Holmes (40) and Andrea Self (39) talk about their work with Indomitable Families Affected by Incarceration (IFAM), the impacts of incarceration at the individual and family levels, and the resources necessary for sustainable reentry.