February 23, 2018 App Interview

My sister didn't want to get interviewed, so I interviewed her.

Being Tough on Yourself

Alot of people are unnecessarily tough on their selves. This is my grandmother's take on why she is.

Interview with Olivia Jardin

Goes into detail about her viewpoints on politics, and what you can do to make a change in your life, and lives around you.

Contessa Trujillo and Joleen Montoya Dye

Contessa Trujillo (40) and her sister, cousin, and friend Joleen Montoya Dye (45) share a conversation about redefining their life paths as they navigate adulthood and reflect on how they can nurture both themselves and their lives.

Interview of exemplar/freedom and self

A group interview Anthony Jackson on his views of freedom and self.

The great thanksgiving listen – Emory DPT 2021
November 22, 2018 App Interview

In this interview we discussed my grandmothers experiences in life as well as her perspective on various personal topics that have influenced her family and mentality.

It’s All Fleeting

I interview my best friend about his perspectives on life and himself

What I am proud of

I am proud of the choices I have made.

Abraham nunez self storycorps

Abraham nunez 16 self interview and exposition

Self Interview- Leadership

I share what I have done to be a better leader, and also share that leadership is a two way street, meaning you have to guide yourself first, and then help others after.

Influence of Dance

Cassandra Pappy shares her experience and journey with dance and how it affected both her personal and professional life.

Life Discussions with Mary Reeves

This is an interview between Mary Reeves (69) and Farron Mickle(19), grandmother and granddaughter respectively. We talked about the past and present reality of life.

Women, Stories, and Change: KCooke and KMace

The interrelationship of being a mother, being a teacher, and being a woman of faith throughout Kathie's life.