Extra Credit Interview Zane Shamblin, Wagner, 4th, 12/18/18

Interviewer: Zane Shamblin Interviewee: Isabelle Shamblin Why did you choose the elder you did? I chose to interview my sister because she is currently attending college, and wanted to know about her experiences, as well as any advice she'd have...

Practice interview

Interviewing my brothers life

Shafaq and Zainab Bhatti
November 25, 2017 App Interview

After witnessing my sister win runner up at the county Poetry Out Loud competition, I wondered why she was so invested in it. She spent months rehearsing, before and after winning first place in the school competition. I never liked...

Storytelling Assignment Featuring My Little Brother

I interviewed my little brother, Pepe Villegas. In this interview, we got deeper into his thoughts as he goes through his childhood.

My interview with Augusto Means

Tristan (13) interviews Augusto about life in Chile and his role as a brother.

Interview world history

This was about how covid 19 and how it affects a individual

Colin Aleci interviews his mother Helene Aleci about her life and influences.
November 30, 2021 App Interview

I asked my mom some questions about her life growing up and the people that are most important to her and how they shaped her.

Me and my sister

I talked with my sister about our shared experiences, as well as our hopes for the future. Watch us make bad jokes and make fun of each other.

The Dreams of a Hero

Kian Dreams of joining the military for the soul purpose of being able to save lives. He is full of hope and courage and a great sense of humor. I am honored to be his sister :) and I know...

Interview with Alex :)

Marley (13) interviews Alex (13) about her experience as an older sibling, life with pets, and how moving away from Kansas has affected her.


Some of my brother’s life expectations and perspectives

I was just wondering

Favorite place to photograph and favorite family photo

Interview with my older brother Fulton

It was really enjoyable to learn a bit more about my older brother. Fulton is currently 21 years old and has honestly been one of my top role models.

Interview with my sister!

Today I got the opportunity to interview my older sister, Emma. The questions are focusing on her past and goals on who she is growing to be.

Interview with GMA

Madison and GMA look back on GMAS life

Story Corp video: My brother Derek and I

this is a video of my brother and I going through some story corp questions! we laughed and cried at some of them! Also right at the end I broke a bulb off the christmas tree and said oh sorry...

A Kids Perspective

I interviewed my 9 yr old brother to get his opinion on life so far. We talked about what he’s thankful for , and some general things he enjoys. He showed off some of his so-called humor against his sister...

Deandra buskill

i interviewed my eldest sister Deandra and asked questions about details of her life

My Grandfather’s Life

we talked about his life and things that had consisted in making him a person today. And talked about things that happened in the past.

Vanessa Martin and Joyce Pope

Joyce Pope (71) talks with her granddaughter, Vanessa Martin (20), about how life was growing up with six siblings and what her siblings do now.