Talking to dad

Lots of family by the way so I actually fitted them all in one.

I’m glad were sisters

Sister friends. Mama birds. Nurses. Searchers for peace

Real world writing interview

This was a funny interview and it made me closer to my sister .


I asked my older sister some questions about COVID-19, and about her.

The Best Sister Ever

My sister Gina and I talked about her seizure condition, why mom is her hero, and how great she is at knitting and painting.

Grace Fahrney and Laura Kramer

The participants were Grace (17) and Laura (28) who are both sisters. We talked about how her life is very different as a nurse during the corona virus.

English IV

Interview with my sister (I’m so sorry for the giggling we can’t be serious together)

Interview with family member

Interview with my sister, Alexandra Pellegrini. Alexandra tells me about her life situations and difficulties.

The Road to Poetry

I interview my sister about her dreams and therapy

me and my sister

asked her questions future wise , what she enjoys and memories

Abbey ACTUALLY talks about her feelings

abbey & i talk about her feelings on how her life is going & what has shaped her into the person she is today.

You’re my brother and I’m your sister.

Interview between my brother and I, we were raised very closely, however as we grew older our relationship began to drift; but I’m very happy to say that after this interview things felt like ever changed.

Little sis

My youngest sister Julie has always been one of my biggest inspirations because of her bravery, and how smart she is. I love her so much.

Cesar Castillo / Naomi Castillo

Basically my sister’s life story and how she grew up and viewed things.

practice makes perfect

His sister had a huge impact on who he is today and school is important for him and his future generations.