The morals and Upbringings of my Mother

My mom clearly is a caring and amazing person. After talking to her about her life and morals, I learned how she got all of her wisdom and how she has taught me and raised me to be a loving...

Talking to dad

Lots of family by the way so I actually fitted them all in one.

My sister and me

A conversation with my 7 year old sister , and here insights on life .

Interview with younger sister

Interview with my sister (16) at the time of interview, few laughs in there.

Kristin’s Relationship

I interviewed my sister about her relationship with her boyfriend of five years.

Hannah and Sarah Shriver

Hannah and her little sister, Sarah, talk about important things that have happened in Sarah’s life for the great Thanksgiving Listen.

Interview With G-Ma

When my Mom and her sister were little how they would divide up their money and spend it.

My Sister’s boring life

My Sister and I talk about her life growing up in Memphis and St. Louis

Alyse Handley

I interviewed my roommate Alyse. I asked questions about her family relationships and some questions revolving around death.

3 Sisters #GsudeathS19

3 sisters discuss the lessons we have learned from our grandfather. The gratitude we have for one another. The love and advice we would like to pass on to the next generation of our family.

Lil sis

This interview its a quick view of our sisters relationship

Safa Razvi’s Life Story…so far

In this interview, I asked my younger sister Safa about her perspective on life so far and how she has dealt with changes and reflecting on the good memories she has experienced.

Claire James on Losing her Mom and Raising her Sister

Claire lost her mother at a relatively young age to tuberculosis. She was left to care for her younger sister which led to a life long close relationship into adulthood.

Growing up with a sister with a mental disability

Having a special needs sibling is challenging but all the love and compassion that comes from it makes it all worth it.

Lizbeth Alvarado

Lizbeth Alvarado is my sister, and in this interview she chose her questions.

Sisters, Abbi and Amanda Donaldson discuss Amanda’s life.
November 22, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 22,2018 , Abbi Donaldson (17) interviews her older sister Amanda (27) in Abbi’s house located in St. Augustine Florida. Amanda shares childhood experiences and why she is how she is today. She shares lessons...

Sisters By Chance, Best Friends By Choice (Final Draft)

Naomi and I talked about a lot of things in life. We talked about how role models influence us and how as Naomi is the youngest she has standards that she has to live up to. We have been so...

The Thanksgiving Listen with my sister

I interviewed my sister some good questions and I enjoyed interviewing her.