Nicole Saier Story Corps

One of most vivid memories as a child

La or Toadie

I talked to my mom about life before I was born, and the life i dont know about. This life included the multiple summer jobs, long lost childhood friends, and meeting then marrying my dad, and many more adventures as...

Interviewing sister

We talked about my sisters childhood and the good and bad things in life. These good and bad things should always be positive at the end of the day because everything happens for a reason.

My Sisters College Experience

I talk with my sister about her college experience and her journey from high school to college and how she made friends. And different ways which Coronavirus affected her school year.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen TheGreatListen2019

Life and how my sister is growing up. I interviewed my sister on how she wants to live and how she has lived previously.

Sisterhood from another perspective

My sister and I discuss her perspective while growing up together.

Sister Christmas Party 2019
December 20, 2019 App Interview

Three sisters reflect on their lives so far and their relationships

Interview with my sister

Today I interview my sister asking a bunch of questions

Jeanne Stracener, Lauren Kelly, and Emily Stratton

Jeanne Stracener [no age given] shares a conversation with her daughters, Lauren Kelly (36) and Emily Stratton (34), about Jeanne’s parents, her siblings, her family, motherhood, and the family bond that they all share.

Interview with younger sister

I ask my younger sister questions about her experience as a young adult

Alexa Michael interviews her Grandmother Jill Handy about growing up as a woman and how society views older women

On November 24th, 2021 Alexa Michael and her grandmother Jill Handy talk in their hometown of Hicksville, Ohio about Jill’s life growing up as a woman in the 1950s and 60s. They talk about Jill’s parents, and her sister Sally....

The great listen of 2019

This is my sister and we are talking on Sunday.

Ola Sylvia Lamar Sheffield and Valeria Lynn

Friends and "sisters in Christ," Dr. Ola Sylvia Lamar Sheffield [no age given] and Valeria Lynn [no age given], describe their spiritual journeys, discuss the role faith plays in their lives, and give advice to those struggling.

Interviewing my boyfriend ( Dereck Canjura )

I decided to interview my boyfriend dereck we talked about his family , his childhood , his struggles , and what he is proud/happy about my we also talked about my life for a little bit.