My grandparents intveiw

My grandma grew up in orage county cali and loved to play softball

Kirra McGregor and Coach Sirius
November 16, 2018 App Interview

In this interview Coach Sirius talks about his personal experience with athletics, his inspirations, the challenges and rewards that come with being a coach, and gives some good advice for aspiring coaches

Study Corps Interview With Haley Oswald

We talked about her life growing up and the circumstances that made her who she was. We also talked about what she enjoyed and liked to do.

Understanding Points from the past

I’m this Interview, conducted in Novemeber 25th 2018 in San Pedro, California, Sasha Plescia(14) interviews her cousin Kaden Marsee (13) and they talked about, how different things, that could have affected are life now like, regrets, bad decisions etc.. Also,...

Interview w/Carissa

Just catching up on life. Some heart to heart questions , some fun questions

Larry Kundert and Pamela Kundert

Larry Kundert (72) reminiscences with his wife Pamela Kundert (69) about softball and the effort it took to finally pitch some games. He also talked about volleyball and volunteer work.

Lisa Nickerson and Evan Bucklin

Lisa Nickerson (62) and Evan Bucklin (32) share a conversation remembering Jill, Lisa’s daughter and Evan’s sister, who passed away from cancer when she was ten years old.

“I Don’t Worry About Little Things”

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Cecilia Munoz (16) interviews her past teacher history teacher, Ralph Bernard (65) about the events that shaped him into the influential person he is today. Mr. Bernard...

Study Corps Interview With Haley Oswald

We talked about her life growing up and the circumstances that made her who she was. We also talked about what she enjoyed and liked to do.

“Start With the Basics; the Rest Will Follow.”

Frank DePoli remarks on his life and how it has been different than he expected, but excellent nonetheless. He begins with his childhood and how his parents and friends always supported and still do support him. He then elaborates on...


We talked about how she was as a child and her favorite activity growing up. It was very interesting.

real talk with ma
November 21, 2022 App Interview

Lexy palmer aged 19 years old with my mother Amy palmer aged 41. we discussed many different topics on our lives. my mom gets in depth about her experience in softball. and her crazy dancing grandparents.

Learning about Dylan

During your life you should really try hard and not give up. In every conversation you can learn about people and a few life lessons.

Interview with my sister about her softball career

This is an interview I did with my sister about what softball has been like for her and everything she has accomplished we talk about in this interview.

My Grandfather

I interviewed my Grandfather on his life.

Learning a persons life

today on November 17 2022 I interview a friend of mine. The friend in question likes softball and loves her family.

Interview with grandpa about his life

We talked about many different years throughout his life. We first started talking ab his life as a child then about his life while he was in his Middle Ages. We then talked about his life after he retired up...

Mike Rahm, Beth Sells, and AJ Rahm

Mike Rahm (61) speaks with his daughters Beth Sells (33) and AJ Rahm (26) about proposing to their mother, moving to Bozeman, Montana, the misfortunes that befell them there, wild times with his coworkers, and moving back to Illinois.

Timothy Rueger: Softball Parent

Tim explains what it is like to be a softball parent.