The Cold War

We talked about the Cold War and how it changed his life and how the times were during that time

Anna Lelashvili interviewing Larisa Lelashvili about life in the Soviet Union

Within this interview I asked Larisa Lelashvili about her experience living in Georgia during the Soviet Union. She talked about the benefits of living under the Soviet Union and how life changed after Georgia and many other countries received their...

Extra Credit: The Great Listen

Me and my mom talked about her life and how her adulthood was way different than expected. Also, she talked about what she wishes for me.

9,641 km, 2 continents, 1 lifetime, 0 defeats.

Growing up before WWII and falling in love were the easiest parts of Vera's life, but she encountered more hurdles along her way. On November 21, 2017, in Los Angeles, CA, Vera Volfson shares her story with her great-granddaughter Dara...

From the Soviet Union to America – a story of hard work and a good amount of luck

In this interview, I discuss with my father his immigration experience from the Soviet Union to the United States. As a jew living in the Soviet Union, he saw limited opportunities and knew he needed to get out. He describes...

Dr. Christine Urman

Christine Urman (43) talks with her daughter’s best friend about growing up in the Soviet Union and in Boston, her time at college, and what it was like raising a kid in residency.

Richard De George and Nathaniel Mueller

Richard De George (88) talks with his grandson, Nathaniel Mueller (17), about his experiences in the Soviet Union and his time teaching about Marxist philosophy at Kansas University.

Immigrating to the United States from the Soviet Union

An interview of life in the Soviet Union and immigration to the United States. The interview was conducted with a grandparent who lived in the Soviet Union.

Babushka & dedushka

Yefim Ostrozhansky (75) and Vicki Ostrozhansky (74) speak of the ways antisemitism affected their life in the Soviet Union.

Zach Newman – Interview with Dan Newman

My father, Dan Newman, speaks about his memories of growing up in New York City during the tumultuous late 1970's, the Reagan presidency, and the end of the Cold War.

Interview with Mom

Interview with mom for history project.

Soviet Era, Storycorps

I interviewed my grandma about life in the Soviet Union, and talked about how the government that claimed progress and greatness, had some of the most downfalls.

A Changing America: An Immigrant's Views on Modern Issues

I sit down with my grandfather, an immigrant from the Soviet Union, to discuss his journey and prevalent issues facing the United States and the world.

Jesse Lazarev interviews Flor Kuzminskiy

Interview conducted on November 26 2015 in Sacramento, California. Jesse Lazarev interviews his grandfather Flor Kuzminskiy about his life starting from childhood to his old age. He shares his first hand experiences of living in the Soviet Union as a...

Life stories with my Grandmother Zita Arkushenko

My Grandmother tells me about some of her life stories, talk about her mother which has witnessed horrors of Soviet Government, talk about how she met her husband, and other life stories.

Ralph Kayler talks to a student from Pentwater Schools about his experiences in The Korean War.

Background information on Ralph Kayler before the war and why he joined. A discussion of his time in boot camp and various types of training he received. Information about his time in Germany before going to the Korean Penninsula. A...

interview with a Russian American mother
December 5, 2022 App Interview

Angelina, 44 Katrina 17 mother and daughter talk about growing up in Soviet Union, career path and life.

Life of political changes

It is difficult to find truth in a governmental institution once the precedent of lying has been set.