My Abuelita

Today, I talked to my Nana about her childhood in Mexico and growing up with four sisters. She talked about sharing one bed with five girls, summer days in the river, eating mangos, and becoming a mother herself. I learned...

My mom

Yolanda, my mother, talks about several aspects of her life. Even though she is able to understand and speak English, she felt most comfortable answering these questions in Spanish.

My Mamá

Interview with my mother as we talk about issues in America and Mexico.

Interviewing a Nicaraguan grandmother.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Miami, Florida. I interviewed my grandmother named Rosa Acosta about her childhood in Nicaragua. Some questions were about jobs that she’s had, my mother, and living in the time where Nicaragua was...

The Great Thanksgiving listen of Juan Orozco

We mostly talked about ny dads life and how he lived through it. We also talked a little about how he is now and his current life.

Michell Pacheco and her mom Cecilia Osorio talk about her childhood and life lessons learned

In this interview conducted in November 2021 in Orange, CA, Michell (24) interviews her mom Cecilia Osorio (45) about her childhood growing up with her grandparents. Ms. Osorio talks about her home life, wisdom imparted by her grandparents and what...

The Adjustments that Maria Bruno Faced

In this interview, conducted on November 5, 2021 in Orange, California, Yesenia Portillo (19) Interviews her mother (47) about mother growing up. Maria reminisces about her childhood stories. Maria describes what it was like to fall in love with the...

RV interviews ER

This interview was conducted on November 2015 in New York, NY. Esperanza Ramirez (40) shares about her life growing up in the Dominican Republic. She also reflects on her mothers death, and how she has influenced her since childhood.

A view into my mother’s life as a young girl

I’ll be interviewing my mother in this short interview. The interview shares a part of my mom’s life as she was growing up. Disclaimer: interview is in SPANISH

About my mom

This interview is about my mom life. This is also her telling me about her experiences when she was little. This tells me about how she had to walk a lot to go to school but she still had fun...

La lucha para Lograr tus Sueños

En esta entrevista, hablamos de los logros de ser madre, hija, y esposa mientras aprendemos de la juventud y madurez.

Historia de Sonia

Sonia talks about her family and having to move away from Colombia. She describes some of her favorite things from Colombia and what she misses. Sonia also talks about childhood and her years at high school and what she likes...

Leonardo Sanchez & Salvador Sanchez

A son talks to his dad about his life, how he came to be. How he got his job to today's daily life.

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017 with Leslie and Tatiana, that talk about gratefulness.
November 26, 2017 App Interview

Leslie and Tatiana share nemories about her childhood and how it was like in Cuba. She shares her journey to the United States. Tatiana gives advice on gratefulness toward others and God. Including interesting thanksgiving stories and rituals.

My venezuelan grandma

Today, December 12, 2019 interviewed my gradma, Doris Guerrero who has 76 years old. We did the interview in Spanish because she doesn’t speak English. We are from Venezuela, Caracas and she is today with me ( Daniela ) and...

Marisol Lopez

"Growing up i wanted to do and be many things" I talk to my mom about her childhood and her experiences and just life in general

Mom interview

Mom talks about happiest moments in Spanish

Una entrevista con mi mamá sobre nuestra herencia

Spoke with my mom about her life growing up. Also about our family’s background. Interview done in Spanish.