Glenn’s life

I interviewed my step-dad to learn more about him

Step Dad Karl

Ive always wanted to know more about my stepdad because him and my mom have only been married for several years. This was an amazing opportunity to get to know him better and understand what his life was like.

Dad’s Stories

My father shares some of his stories about immigrating to the U.S., dealing with his father’s passing, his relationship with my mother, and more.

Interview with Jerry

We talked about my stepdad’s childhood, wishes for future and of course present circumstances


We talked about Makayla’s childhood, her sexuality, and her relationship with her parents.

Interview with Fred

Thanksgiving interview with my syepfather discussing family and his life

Getting to know my stepdad

I wanted to get to know my stepdad better because I’m awkward and don’t know how to communicate so what’s better than a formal interview


Ava just casually interviewing her stepfather, Van about his life

Growing Up in a Blended Family with Interviewee Ashley Bolton and Interviewer Lenae Brown
September 12, 2019 App Interview

On September 12, 2019 in Chicago, IL, Ashley Bolton sat down with Lenae Brown and discussed her experience with growing up in a blended family. The 24 year old female spoke about the challenges of having step and half siblings,...

Storytelling Assignment

An interview assignment with my step-dad for my speech class.

November 9, 2020 App Interview

Interview with my stepdad

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Interview included talking about his personal life, life lessons and experiences.

Getting to know my family part 2

I talked with my step-father about his family background. Other questions were included in this interview.

A talk with gary

We talked about different viewings of people

Life as Wilmer

Listen as my step-father speaks about his life as a teenager, as a child and his current life. He speaks fondly of his grandmother and parents as they always treated him nicely and made him who he is today. We...

Getting to know my family :-)

Today I talked with my step-father about his family background. Other questions were included during this interview.

Life as a Stepfather

My stepdad and I have a conversation about the struggles as a step-parent, how blended family life is different for everyone, and the true bonds of family.

Lino’s Side of the Love Story

Lino Velarde recounts his experience immigrating to the United States from Maracaibo, Venezuela. He also recounts his experience meeting his current wife, Julie Velarde, and the difficulties that came along with marrying into her large family. Part of this large...

My step father Antonio Smiley

I gave my step father an interview on his upbringing, things he’s learned in the world growin as a young man