Nick Falco and Monica Falco

Nick Falco (17) son of Monica Falco (45) talk about mom's beliefs and feelings. Also talked about her childhood and the current pandemic.

Being the first among siblings to Go to college. May 12 2020 3:22 pm

My mother (Elizabeth Ansah) shares her experiences with her daughter (Maame Ansah) being the first in her family to go to immigrate and go tp college in America and what that means to her.

Sara Brenes Akerman and Angbeen Saleem

Sara Brenes Akerman (30) talks with her friend Angbeen Saleem (31) about the COVID-19 pandemic, roller-coasters, and how they would like to be remembered.

Mitchell Maines

Mitchell Maines: 2020-11-30 02:31:04

Wendy and Delaney O'Dea

Wendy O'Dea (57) talks with her daughter Delaney O'Dea (15) about her childhood in western New York in the 1970s and 80s.

Joseph Levy and Diane Levy

Joe Levy (38) interviews his mother, Diane Levy (75) about quarantine during the coronavirus outbreak, about great teachers, and about growing up with three boys in the house.

Kiara Nagle

Kiara Nagle (16) talks to her mother, Kathleen Genova (52) about memories and events of her life.

Jaden Kim

I, Jaden Kim (17), interview my sister, Esther (28) about immigrating to the USA

Margaret Cataldi and Saul Fontes on Wealth Inequality in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

Margie Cataldi (19) talks with her partner, Saul Fontes (19) about wealth inequality in the United States and how its effects are being amplified during the global pandemic caused by COVID-19

Katie Johnson & Maria Faiola

Katie Johnson (23) talks with friend, Maria Faiola (23) about our stories of understanding our whiteness and working towards anti-racism in the wake of the current uprisings in the U.S. during the global pandemic. We discuss ways we were socialized...

Barbara Reinke interviews Kathy Brehmer about influences and experiences in 1960s

Kathy talks about cultural influences, JFK and RFK, her orientation to social justice issues, and then her involvement with student-led anti-war protests at UWM during early college.

Edwah O’Neill and George Lonsdorf: Edwah’s Wild Ride

Edwah O’Neill (~63) describes being swept a quarter mile through an underground culvert during a torrential rainstorm in 1971, when he was 14 years old. George Lonsdorf (69) met Edwah when Ed commented on George’s Friends of Narberth History Facebook...

Lali Ramirez & Socorro Naegele

Zulema Naegele: 2020-06-07 21:08:36 Lali Ramirez talks with her grandmother Socorro Naegele about COVID-19 experience.

Interview Assignment – Talking to my Aunt about Sex & Relationships

Katie (20) talks with her Aunt Beth (52) about how she learned about sex throughout life and her experience with having a child

Best Friends Talk about the Corona Virus

Neena Aivazian: 2020-06-09 19:08:55 Neena Aivazian talks with her friend Arineh Allahverdian (25 years old) about the corona virus and how it is affecting her ability to see her family and her friends during this time.

Merak Purtteman and Rayhan Sharairus

Rayhan Shairus (13) talks with his classmate Merak Purtteman (14)