Extraordinary summer camp

This is a story with my little brother about a summer camp in Hawaii he attended about our heritage. He tells about how that week will impact him in the future and what happened during that special week

Bob Alpern, Part 1

Bob Alpern (92) talks with his friend John Friedrich (55) about growing up in the 1930s in New York City, attending art museums with his father, singing songs at Camp Moween written by Yip Harburg, Wizard of Oz lyricist and...

Ms. Douglas’s child birth traumas

In this interview, conducted in November 17th , 2017, in Lincoln Park High School, Chicago, Illinois, Biljana Tanceva (16) interviews her Law teacher Miss Douglas (53) about her childhood and the beginning of her adulthood. Miss Douglas shares her story...

Jess Eng and Artemisia Luk

Childhood friends, Jess Eng (21) and Artemisia Luk (20), share memories of elementary school, their experiences at summer camp, and their path into the arts.

“Some of them as young as five and six had passed away throughout the course of the year”

Alex Semper Upton was a camp counselor for several years through many programs and leaderships. In this interview, she talks about becoming a certified lifeguard, putting on fun shows, and working with kids with Cystic Fibrosis. She talks about how...

“I don’t let my past define me, and I really love that you have stuck with me through all of these years.”

Our interview is about Gabby, a former foster child and her adoptive mother Karla. In the interview, the two of them talk about the beginning of their life together which includes heartfelt sentiments, life-changing moments, and memories of a unique...


I asked my mother about what life was like when she was growing up and some memories. I mostly asked her about her family and school.

Aaron Newell and Amberly Newell

Aaron Newell (42) talks with his daughter, Amberly Newell (13), about the way his faith influences his decisions, his experience adopting Amberly, and their work in the community.

Freedom School Rocks!

In the summer of 2019, my amazing friend, Alexus Little, embarked on a new journey that she didn’t know could change her life for forever. Not only did she make an impact in her life, but she made one in...

Sometimes throwing someone in the pool is the best way to teach them how to swim–and I got thrown in the pool!

Will Robertson grew up singing in The Saint Paul Conservatory of Music choir program. He participated in the summer camp program first as a camper, then as a counselor. Years later, he returned as a composer in residence. Camp was...

James McNair and Stephanie Louie

James (24) and his sister, Stephanie (32), talk about their shared experience of Type 1 Diabetes. They talk about day to day life, summer camp (Camp EDI), and the future of the disease.

Dylan Caine (16) Asks His Mother, Shelly Pesick-Caine (56), About Her Detroit Youth, Jewish Ancestry, and Worldview

In this interview, conducted on Thanksgiving, 2015 in a suburb of Cleveland, Dylan Caine (16) asks his mother, Shelly Pesick-Caine (56), about her quintessentially American upbringing in the suburbs of Detroit. Born into a caring and hardworking family of six,...