Dianna Reely and Edie Baker

Dianna and Edie talk about where they met and the evolution of their careers. They discuss the surprise direction both careers have taken and the joy they have found.

Beth Norton and Sara Kennedy

Beth Norton (37) and her aunt Sara Kennedy (66) reflect on the challenges they have faced, and the importance of support from loved ones.

Jacqueline Smith and Alison Leras

Jacqueline and Alison discuss Jacqueline's journey to becoming a Home Health Social worker, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted her patients and herself.

Erika Dooley and Thomas Dooley

Erika Dooley (37) interviews her husband, Thomas Dooley (38), about his experience as the partner to someone diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and the advice he would like to share with others.

Margaret [No Name Given] and Dominique V.

Dominique V. (32) interviews her friend Margaret [No Name Given] (34) about her experiences as a mother living with mental illness. They talk about trauma, grief, and parenting.

Camari Olson and Laura Bancroft

Camari Olson (50) and Laura Bancroft (53), two close friends talk about Camari surviving breast cancer twice, their love of adventure, and how their friendship has helped each to face challenging times and embrace life.

East Timorese Nanny, Maria De Costa, talks about mothering and memories of the Referendum in Timor Leste

Maria (Ti Ti) talks about what is important to her when raising children here and about her memories as a small child and new mother during the occupation, particularly 1999.

Someone Living With Cancer
October 31, 2018 App Interview

Pamela Earney is a woman who has been living with cancer since 2012. In this interview she talks about how cancer has affected her everyday life and the ones around her.

Judith Barba Perez and Lehabim Escoto Flores

Judith Barba Perez (31) y su esposo, Lehabim Escoto Flores (34), comparten una conversación sobre sus experiencias al inmigrar a los Estados Unidos desde México y el trabajo que ahora hacen para apoyar a otros inmigrantes. [Judith Barba Perez (31)...

Aiesha Hunter and Tajma Phillips

Aiesha Hunter (35) and Tajama Phillips (43) discuss their work with Indomitable Families affected by Incarceration and their personal experiences with the criminal justice system.

A Message to my Dad on his 80th Birthday

My Dad was approaching his 80th Birthday and I was headed to my parents' house to take them to dinner to celebrate. When I say "celebrate", I don't mean to say that there was going to be a great deal...

Rita Chambers and Jason Hynson

Colleagues Rita Chambers (62) and Jason Hynson (42) discuss how their faith and family lives inform their work at Victory Mission & Ministry.

Music Education and Performance

Interviewing a former student of McNally Smith College before it closed abruptly. The impact of college and influence of music are discussed as well as the connections and relationships related to college/music life.

Dealing with child support & child custody

Discussed the issues dealing with child custody and parenting time

Jacqueline Powers and Miguel [No Name Given]

Friends, Miguel [no name given] (33) and Jacqueline Marie Powers (56), reflect on the friendship they've shared over 11 years, the ways in which they've cared for and depended on each other, and what their future might hold.

Homelessness Prevention Coalition

Interview with Lucia other the Homelessness Prevention Coalition at the Piñon Project in Cortez, CO. Interview goes over her job and how she serves the homelessness community.

instilling discipline

The last place Louis Bourassa and his family imagined he would go was the military. Grace Bourassa, age 14, sits down with her dad, Louis Bourassa, on November 14, 2018, in Valley Village, California. She asks about the Marines and...

Rachel Nicholson Extra Credit Interview: ECON222-02

Veronica and I talked about what is going on in her life at and away from Sonoma State. She is graduating soon and is going to explore the world of sales and/or possibly go into healthcare. Her friends and family...

My Second dad.

He loves me very much and wishes me to do nothing but good. It’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.