From 1984 to Now

My dad and I talk about his disability, and how his life is since becoming disabled.

Ava Interviews Her Grandmother In Solebury

Ava Marrone interviewing her grandmother Kathy Lopas in Solebury Township, PA on January 8th, 2020. Discussion based on what life was like when Kathy was a teenager and how it compares to today. Kathy gives advice about succeeding in life...

John Babcock Part 1: “I testified against the Hells Angels”

This section is a brief introduction to John and his life. We discussed his career and how it affected his life. He talks about how he changed a young man's life and the school he built from scratch. John also...

Interview with Joseph Oh
November 26, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 24th, New York, Lydia Oh(14) interviews Joseph Oh(20) about his school life an the career path that he chose to pursue. He talks about his experiences in the school he currently attends and how...

Christin Evans and Thomas Wolf

Advocates Christin Evans (47) and Thomas Wolf (50) share their views on the connection between homelessness, substance abuse, and housing issues in San Francisco.

La Luz of Sonoma Levi Strauss Community Day 5/3/2018

La Luz of Sonoma already providing support for the large Hispanic community of this area was called into action during the fires of fall 2018. Meals, shelter connections, care and support for over 5000 people in the days ahead has...

Story time for history

We talked about the process of joining the Army, the support that he received from his family, and the things he learned about himself.

Grandparents as Parents
November 25, 2017 App Interview

I, Amelie interviewed my mother, the founder of Grandparents As Parents and came to find out the inspiration for starting her non-profit organization. This organization has helped thousands of grandparents reunite with their grandchildren and has shown them how to...

Delya Bull and Toni Love

Friends Delya Bull (77) and Toni Love (67) share about their cancer journey, their friendship and the community of support they found at Charlotte Maxwell Clinic.

Building Community Through Service

Maria discusses how relationships in her life affect her understanding of community and how she wants to build community in times of disconnect.

thanksgiving interview

things/people in her life she’s grateful for and happy memories

Liz Forsell Talks to her Great Aunt and Uncle about her Family History/Identity

In this interview, held on January 28th, 2021, over FaceTime, Liz Forsell (14) interviews her great aunt, Barbara Smith (78), and great uncle, Lou Smith (80). Lou starts by explaining the reality of growing up during World War II and...

Sofia Sferra and her aunt, Sue Sferra talk about Aunt Sue’s childhood life.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Toledo, Ohio, Sofia Sferra interviews her aunt, Sue Sferra. They talk about Aunt Sue’s experience with a loss in her family early on in her life. They also talk about her supporting...

the power of support

My dad had a hard life trying to take care of family while pursuing his own dreams. Even without the support of close ones, he pushed through and made it to the U.S., achieving his goals and setting new ones...

Diane Reda-West and Michelle Tarantino

Friends Diane Reda-West (61) and Michelle Tarantino (50) share a conversation about their friendship. They discuss how they first met, their experiences together, and their families.

Margaret Hennessey and Brian Fay

Margaret Hennessey (35) shares a conversation with her stepfather Brian Fay (77) about their family, the bond they share, and their journeys in finding what they want to do in life.

Teen Pregnancy and preventions in-order to help reshape your path and clear any misconceptions!

Kellcyee Hullett (me) one of Brandee Watson's daughter sat down and discussed the difficulties and challenges of a teen mother who mistakenly conceived a baby due to sexual intercourse and bad confrontations. Overall Brandee targets the pinpoints to prevent teen...

A Ride to Remember

This is about a girl named Jenny Pan is interviewing her cousin Henry Pan who is 11 years old. Henry who has problems like anger issues had Ways to overcome it. He had many challenges that came his way but...

The Hardworking Influence

My father explains how he has always had role models that were very hardworking and hopes he is the same for his children.