Nate Krall and his uncle Mike Eubanks discuss growing up with his greatest influences.

In this interview, the interviewer Nate Krall(13) and his uncle Mike Eubanks(39) conduct an interview on November 2017 in Annapolis Maryland. Mike starts out by explaining how he always has had a love for outdoors, and how he spent most...

Youth in Asia

While attending the University of Hawaii, Bobby was not very interested in school, and frequently missed class to go surfing. One day when he did go to class, he heard his teacher tell the class that their paper on euthanasia...

Stories from Alexander

Alexander shares a bit about his past adventures, life philosophy, goals and memories in a fun interview!

Kate Gregg interviewing Shahram Imen 2/18/2024

talked with my mothers boyfriend about his childhood and his connection with the ocean

Chuck Paul: Artist, Musician, Surfer, And Clammer

Meet Chuck Paul! From learning how to perfect dream catchers from a Native American to being featured on Blackmore’s Night’s Instagram page, Chuck has lived a fascinating life. In this interview, he shares his best stories from performing at venues...

One long surf trip, with some buddies, in a trusty van

We talk about his surf trip to the UK and 5 other countries, where he traveled in a van with a few friends.

Raquel’s perspective
December 2, 2019 App Interview

This was just a short interview with my little sister about what inspires her life and her interests.


This is an interview of my older brother Riley and how surfing has impacted his life and why surfing has become such a big factor in his life.

Oscar night interview
February 10, 2020 App Interview

I’m not a movie star or a surfer. I work in HR.

Surfing through life

A boy turned man one wave at a time.

Sinking in Indonesia

In 2001 my dad went on the trip to Indonesia for surfing. On his trip yapping against some rough waters in his boat along with his buddies and the workers on the boat. People begin to flood causing panic. My...

Childhood Anecdotes of Victor John Nelli Jr.

This interview took place on the 26th of November 2017 in Studio City California between Cleomene Nelli and his dad Victor John Nelli Jr. During this interview, Victor Nelli talks about childhood experiences he went through while growing up. The...

Luke Alvarez: They Will Surf Again

Luke Alvarez is a science teacher at Carusi Middle School in Cherry Hill, surfer and board shaper. Local to Tuckerton, NJ, Luke also runs a small business where he creates surf boards. Luke makes adaptable surf boards for people with...