Thanksgiving with Poppop

Growing up in the early 1900’s. Life, marriage, and family.

English 10H StoryCorps Interview – Aryan Jain

We talked about childhoods of all of the individuals and it was generally a fun time getting to know each other better.

Attitude of gratitude Magana

In this interview I asked my grandma questions, in which I learned more about her life. Including what she is grateful for and what she has lived through.


i asked janene about her favorite meal

Step by Step

Ah, Thanksgiving. No better time for a step mom to get real with her step daughter. This interview has a step daughter interview her step mom. Laughs were had, tears were shed, and turkey was eaten. This is the story...

Me interviewing my Dad

This is an interview with my dad talking about his traditions that he did as a kid around the holidays. He shared some of the traditions that he and his five brothers had around the holidays. I then also asked...

Interview with my dad

I interview my dad for the great thanksgiving listen

Thanksgiving interview with Gloria Rothenberger

We talked about when she was younger and some of her favorite memories of when she was younger and now

Marina Fayez and her sunday school teacher Nihal Zacharia talk about important advice, and her lovely father.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, Marina Fayez (15) interviews her sunday school teacher Nilhal Zacharia (47) about her father and how lessons have taught her to become who she is today. Mrs. Zacharia shares stories...

Lavell Green Thanksgiving Listen

I have asked questions about my Gramma’s Thanksgiving and her traditions.

Connor interviews Pfautz grandparents

Connor interviewed his Mimi about her past, what she is grateful for, and hopes for the future.


I asked KJ questions. He answered them.

My grandma lupe

This is my grandma lupe born in 1942. Im her grandson, Jaiden Miranda, born in 2003, and son of Robert Miranda, born 1982.

How my Grandma experience going to the U.S

My grandma tells me about her experiences in Colombia and the U.S

Thanksgiving dinner – 2021- Maryland

Ouslander family thanksgiving dinner in Severn’s park Maryland

Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is the Great Thanksgiving Listen. In this we spoke with Aidan Cockrell and had a chat about his life.