The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Me and my uncle discuss about his youth and his favorite memories. Also, he shared his wisdom and knowledge to this generation and the future.

Thanksgiving interview

To interview Jannel for her thanksgiving holiday

Ryan Lee

We talked about what his life was like as a child and how her grew up. One of the big ones was the first question about how kids are different now that what they use to be.

How to have the best Thanksgiving!

This is an interview for my children in the future about how to have the best thanksgiving.

A very brief look into my dads life

I started by asking him questions about school. I learned that he liked it because of his friends and that he used his money he made to pay for car payments. I also asked him questions about his jobs and...

Interview with Dede (Carol Apger)

Dede is my paternal grandmother who lives in Ohio. She comes from a family of eight and has lessons that need to be shared.

Interview with my partner in crime!

I interviewed my aunt Kelly! She has been a huge part of my life whether it is to give me advice or be there to listen. She is amazing and always has me laughing. I love talking to her so...

Amber Montez interviews her Grandma

I asked my grandma questions about her past and her favorite memories. She was initially shy to the topic of an interview, but eventually warmed up to it.

Thankful For Her Experiences

My name is Guadalupe Cruz. I am 16 years old and me and my mom live in Los Angeles, Ca. My mom explains her life when she first comes to the Us and how she is grateful for every experience...

The great Thanksgiving listen part 2

Sitting down with y mom asking questions about her childhood and her experiences in Mexico as well as here in the US

Celebrating in America

In this interview Christopher Stiles interviews his mom about her experiencing Thanksgiving in America.

APB2017 -Daniel Tec

I had a conversation with my mom about her young and teen years.

10 questions with my dad

This 10 question interview I asked my dad some questions about his childhood and some about me.

Thanksgiving holiday interview

Jackie likens biggest influence in life was her mother that taught to get up and keep going.