Thanksgiving 2021

I talked to my great grandmother over thanksgiving.

Brother Interview

This interview was about me asking 8 questions about my brother life, for an example like what was his favorite memories, and what lessons he learned threw out his life.

Sister Interview

This was a 9 question interview about her life and they way she was when she was younger.

Gratitude Havelka

We talked about things we are thankful for and what growing o was like for my mom

Grandaddys Thanksgiving interview

Grandaddy talks about gardening, Thanksgiving, and wonders around different topics.

Thanksgiving 2017

I discussed with my grandmother about her life and what she learned throughout it. Born January 1st 1933 in Bronx, NY.

Thanksgiving listen

Conducted an interview with my father about his values in life and briefly touched on his experience with the Armenian Genocide.

Thanksgiving Oral History

Talking to my good friend, Brandon, about his Thanksgiving traditions

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about influences and joys in life. My aunt and uncle gave advice as well.

The “American Dream”

I interviewed my mother about what the “American Dream” means to me.

Ana and Thelma

I talk to my grandma about her past and what she thinks about certain things.


I had a great conversation with my grandfather who told me about my ancestry. I learned about his profession, aspirations, and what matters to him in life.

Thanksgiving memories

Just a few questions regarding my Nana’s high school self.

Great Thanksgiving Interview

Interviewing my sister about thanksgiving traditions we have and want to carry out

9-Year Old answers Mom’s questions

As part of our family podcast series, we are using StoryCorps to create conversation. Today, I ask JP some questions about his fondest memories and proudest moments in life so far. We also reflect on Thanksgiving and what we look...

Always Family First

We discussed topics related to family and what my father was grateful for.

Small Town Thanksgivings

A talk with a native of Proctorville and Lumberton about the agriculture from her childhood. Food history and the food culture of thanksgiving is compared and contrasted to modern Raleigh food.

Military Leadership

In this interview a grandfather shares with his granddaughter a journey about him joining the military.