Thanksgiving Project

In summary I have learned much more than I thought I knew about my father. The legacy and responsibilities he would want me to carry on to my children I think would be the same that every family should pass...

My grandma’s memories
November 25, 2017 App Interview

I learned how my grandfather proposed to my grandmother

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Asking questions to my mom and her first thoughts when asked.

Friends Part 2

Middle school friends sometimes don’t last too long. But these 3 sophoremores want to stay together for the long run.

Mom’s thanksgiving listen

This is an interview with my mom about her memories of Thanksgiving as a kid


I asked KJ questions. He answered them.

Dad, Thanksgiving 2016

Dad, on being a parent, my childhood, the tribulations of his marriage and ultimate divorce with mom, and his reflections on my finding the Baha'i Faith

Thanksgiving Oral History Project

I sat down with my Granddad to talk about Thanksgiving and life on the island!

Manzo – Great Thanksgiving Listen
December 6, 2019 App Interview

Talked to my mom about important people in her life, my grandma/her mom, accomplishments, legacies, traditions, funny stories, love stories, and good times.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is the Great Thanksgiving Listen. In this we spoke with Aidan Cockrell and had a chat about his life.

My cousin Anthony

We touched upon his life and early struggles

The great thanksgiving list

Interviewing a friend about what he/she is thankful for

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Ft MD

I interviewed my best Friend, and asked him questions relating to the spirit of thanks giving

Thanksgiving when I was young

Thanksgiving when I was young from about 1955-1964. I would have been 5 years old to 14 years old

Thanks giving

Hablamos sobre la vida de mi madre, sobre sus abuelos y familia.