Thanksgiving with Aunt Francie, 2019

Park family (Dave, Bill, Beverly, Frances and Connie) memories, working as a seamstress, The Great Depression, Sadie and General Eisenhower, children’s and widow’s needs after a father’s death.

Maggie Walton and her grandmother discuss life growing up in rural Alabama

In this interview, conducted in November 2023, in Birmingham, Alabama, Maggie Walton (17), interviews her grandmother, Martha Thornburgh (81). This interview discusses Martha’s childhood as well as relationships with her family. Martha shared stories of growing up in Alabama, and...

Growing up in Hawaii

Okinawan American talks about growing up in Hawaii in 1930s and 1940s. She also talks about moving to CA to work in a famous hair salon in Beverly Hills called Ménage a Trois. Aunty also talks about her deceased husband,...

Interview with a 75 year differences

This interview contains a conversation between 14 year old and his 91 year old grandfather. We discuss family values, traditions, religion, growing up in different times, and his life.

Jan Waldron and Lenn Murelle

One Small Step participants, Jan Waldron (67) and Lenn Murrelle (58), talk about their familial influences, their frustrations with our government, and their love of cycling, all while discovering they share very similar viewpoints.

"I have always felt at home wherever I go."

Aileen and Alison talk about growing up on a farm, moving to Richmond, teaching at RHS, and her retired life as a community volunteer.

Granddaughter Ashley Paffett and Grandmother Sandra Spitz talk about growing up

This interview was conducted on November 30, 2020 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Interviewer/Granddaughter, Ashley Paffett (16), talks to her Grandmother, Sandra Spitz (71), about what it was like growing up in Ohio and moving to New Mexico. They also talk...

My Grandfather, Grand as Ever
November 25, 2019 App Interview

We talk about my Grandfather’s life, from his days in a small town in Kansas to being a grandfather of many in Manhattan Beach.

MEFB 450-502 Interview

Interviewed Albert Busacca on his childhood in the Great Depression. He talked about living conditions and family traditions.

Life during the Great Depression and WWII

A middle school student interviews her grandpa about his life as a child. He grew up in the Great Depression and describes what it was like. He also talked about how he was in the navy and what it was...

Allison Tant and Courtney Atkins

Longtime friends Allison Tant [no age given] and Courtney Atkins [no age given] sit down for a conversation about their advocacy work, their parents, their children, and the strong women who inspired them to become the community leaders they are...

David Tankersley, Linn Sitler, and Linnie
December 28, 2018 App Interview

"A South Carolina Christmas" recounts the memories of my Mother, Edna Beck Sitler, as she recalls the rituals of celebrating Christmas in her small South Carolina community, Stiefeltown, still in the depths of The Great Depression. Professionally recorded before her...

Me and my Grandmother, Dena Bowden.

I interviewed my grandmother about her time growing up, and her favorite family traditions. I also asked her about her schooling and her experience as an Alabama Cheerleader.