Interview with Martha Seymour

My Nana is a very interesting person. She has many stories to tell. She was once a tomboy, and she had supportive parents. She liked to play outside.

From Nothing to Nurse

On Thanksgiving there are many things to be greatful for; friends, family, and turkey. On Thanksgiving Day of 2017 (November 26), in New Caanon Connecticut, Arlene Parker spoke about two of the three. She taught her granddaughter, Amanda Sedaka, about...

Diging Deeper into my Grandma’s History

Because of this video I learned a lot more about my grandmas childhood and some of her favorite memories. I also discovered a lot of new things about my grandma!

Kristin Gorell and Edward Hall

Friends and fellow artists, Ed Hall (57) and Kristin Gorell (53), talk about Kristin's work as a filmmaker. Other topics include Kristin's childhood and religion.

Sophie Dalfonzo and her grandmother Pearl Siegel talk about Pearl’s life as an immigrant living in America.

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in Middletown, New Jersey, Sophie Dalfonzo (14) interviews her grandmother Pearl Siegel (70) about her life story. Ms. Siegel talks about how her family traveled from Poland to Germany to America and...

Karen Ward and Mary Pyke

Karen Ward (62) and her sister Mary Pyke (63) talk about meeting for the first time in 1994 after discovering they were sisters. The sisters talk about their shared interests, like backpacking and horses, their respective families, how they’ve become...